Lampton News - Week 3

Posted on Sep 13th 2021

Monday 13th September

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Welcome to the weekly update for the third week of the Autumn Term 2021. 

Part of our whole school assemblies last week focused on the benefits of a new beginning. Using the mythological example of the phoenix rising from the ashes, students were challenged to embrace the ‘new normal’ by coming back smarter, stronger and more powerful. To this end, we have introduced a series of ‘learning modes’ in lessons:

  • Quiet voices;

  • Silent work;

  • Listening positions and hands up;

  • Pair and group work.

Staff will be using these across the school, in lessons and assemblies,  to support our embedding of routines now that year group bubbles have been removed. Please ask your child about these and the icons which staff will be using on their lesson slides.

Open Evening: for transfer to Lampton in September 2022 takes place on Wednesday 13th October. We are intending to hold this as a face-to-face event. School will close at lunchtime that day for students with a late start on Thursday 14th October. More details will be shared via this update in the coming weeks.

End of the school day and uniform: we have now reverted back to using the main gate at the end of the school day at 3.10pm. Please remind your child that they should vacate the area of the school as quickly as possible and that full school uniform must be worn on the way to and from school - this includes blazers.

School Production 2022: I am pleased to announce that auditions for the school musical, Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’, are taking place next week on 22nd and 24th September. More details from Ms Bowater (Head of Performing Arts)

INSET Day: school will be closed for students on Thursday 23rd September due to staff INSET.

With best wishes for the week ahead,

Stephen Davis

Water fountains: 

As you may know the water fountains were taken out of use at the start of the Covid pandemic as a virus prevention measure. They have since been cleaned and ready for use, and all eight external fountains around the site are now back in use for students before and after school, and during break and lunch. We encourage all students to bring to school a clear plastic bottle, and students are allowed to drink water during lessons to stay hydrated.

Safeguarding focus: 

Everyone has different eating habits. But if you’re worried about your child’s relationship with food or their body, it might be worth looking for some support.

If your child’s eating habits negatively affect their everyday life, they may have an eating disorder. This is when someone uses food to cope with certain situations or feelings. Teenagers between 13 and 17 are most at risk, but anyone can have an eating disorder.

It can be helpful to know the signs and what to do if you’re worried about your child.

Read more: or for further information or support please contact the school’s Safeguarding team or visit the Safeguarding section of the website.

Canteen - New Menus: 

Our amazing new dining space is now open for break and lunch and is the perfect venue for serving our delicious food. The new bi weekly menus can be found on this page on the website and includes the prices of all food items.

For pupils to take advantage of this provision they do need for funds to be placed on their parentpay accounts. If your child benefits from Free School Meals then they can purchase a hot main meal for £2.20 at lunch.

Lateness to school: 

Being punctual is a vital life skill and we wish to develop this habit at Lampton. Students need to arrive in school for 8.30 so that they are registered on time. If a student arrives Late their name will be taken at the school gate and they have to report to a member of senior staff the next morning in the old dining hall at 8.30am. If they fail to arrive they will be placed in community service.

Lateness to lessons:

Being punctual is a vital life skill and missing the start of lessons impacts on students' learning and progress. If a student arrives late to a lesson without a legitimate reason the member of staff will record the number of minutes the student was late. When a student exceeds 20 minutes of lateness in a half term they will be kept behind to catch up the number of minutes they have been late. This sanction will be on Tuesday after school in room 27 and run by senior members of staff.

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