Home School Agreement

The aim of the Home-School Agreement reflects the whole schools objectives:

• To provide all students with equal opportunity to achieve their full academic, spiritual, moral social and cultural development

• To maintain a stimulating educational community within which all students’ individual needs are known, understood and met and which enables staff and students to work in a co-operative way

• To ensure commitment to equality of opportunity for all, regardless of ability, race, gender, sexual orientation or class, is shared by all and is central to all aspects of school life

• To provide structures which ensures that students, staff, parents and members of the local community are actively involved in the life of the school

• To give students an understanding of the complex and changing society in which we live, so that they are equipped to make autonomous decisions, and cope with the demands of the modern world

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The pupil’s commitment

I agree to:

  •  Attend school regularly and on time
  •   Attend all lessons punctually and be prepared to take part fully 
  •  Be friendly, co-operative and thoughtful
  •  Remember books and necessary equipment
  •  Always try to do my best at all times
  •  Always complete and hand in homework on time
  •  Always wear complete school uniform correctly  
  •   Read and abide by the School’s code of conduct
  • Adhere to the school rules; Ready, Respectful, Safe


The family’s commitment

We/I agree to:

  •  Support the school in upholding its standards and policies
  • Ensure that my child wears school uniform correctly
  • Ensure that he/she completes the homework set
  • Ensure that my child attends school regularly and on time
  • Monitor my child’s homework through “Show My Homework”  
  • Attend parent meetings and other discussions about my child’s progress as requested
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