“Nurturing our children’s’ hearts and souls as well as their minds is educating the whole child.”

The pursuit of excellence, acting with integrity, and modelling respect lie at the heart of our mission as a school.They are also crucial to the effective operation of behaviour and inclusion in the school. Staff expect excellence from students both in terms of their academic endeavours, and in terms of how they interact with one another and us – we have the highest expectations of our students in all situations. Staff endeavour to act with integrity at all times –and in so doing generate the high levels of trust in us from students to allow a culture of excellence to flourish.Moreover, through acting in this way staff model to students how to be respectful to each other, themselves, and to the environment.

To turn these values into reality we offer both high challenge, and high support. We challenge students routinely in lessons to learn; we also challenge students to improve their behaviours. Just as we know that students may need varying degrees of academic support in the classroom, so also provide support for students to change negative behaviours into positive ones.  We remain optimistic about students’ potential for growth both academically and behaviourally.

We see our relationship with parents as a partnership in helping your child to develop positive traits of excellence, respect and integrity, and value parents’ support in reinforcing our expectations of students. We place a heavy emphasis on a restorative approach to relationships – when things go wrong the emphasis is on repairing relationships. However, we also have systems and processes to ensure that any students displaying poor behaviour are challenged.  For further information on the school’s behaviour policy, please see the Key Information: Behaviour section (include link)

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