Reporting and Assessment

Reporting to parents

The head of year 7 and the year 7 tutors meet with parents and carers at a “meet the tutor” evening every October. The evenings represent a chance for parents and carers to meet with the head of year and tutors to talk about how well their child is settling in at Lampton. This meeting take place in addition to the annual Parents’ Evening, where a student’s progress may be discussed in detail with teachers.

Parents and carers receive a progress report during the year. This gives information on how well a child is performing in every subject they are studying. This allows parents and carers to track and monitor their child’s progress. A full school report is written annually for each child, detailing their strengths and areas for improvement


We believe that it is important that pupils receive feedback as it can help make pupils aware of their progress and how they can improve.  The process of providing feedback is important for teachers as it gives them the information they need to track the progress that pupils are making and informs their planning.

We aim to ensure that pupils receive high quality feedback throughout their time at Lampton. This feedback will acknowledge and celebrate achievement, progress and effort. It will also signal areas for development and provide strategies on how to improve. It is important that pupils read or listen to all the feedback that they are given and use it to improve their work and practice.

Pupils should, on average, receive detailed feedback on one piece of work every half term. Teachers will not give detailed feedback on every piece of work that a pupil completes.

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