Student Voice

Student Voice at Lampton

At Lampton we value Student Voice and want our newly designed Year Councils and School Council to be inclusive for all students, a platform for positive communication and change within the school community, and promote and enhance the employability skills of our student representatives. We are excited about the contribution they are making to the whole school this year.

Lampton’s new Student Voice structure is split into three distinct sections.


Year Councils

The Year Councils were formed in January 2024 and consist of two elected Form Reps from each tutor group in Years 7-12. They meet fortnightly during Week B. Each Year Council is chaired by a Chair and administered by a Secretary, both of whom were elected, along with a Vice Chair and Assistant Secretary, by their fellow Form Reps.

Form Reps act as the voice of students at tutor group level, acting as their representatives at the Year Council where they get the chance to discuss a broad range of issues with their Year Leaders, as well as members Senior Leadership Team that they invite to discuss specific areas of the school on a rotational basis.


School Council

The newly designed School Council which will be appointed by April 2024 and will meet fortnightly during Week A. They will take the lead on issue-based school improvement projects and will consist of 23 members known as School Councillors, comprised of:

Three School Councillors that represent each year group of the school. Students have been invited to apply by submitting a completed application form and, if they are shortlisted and pass a competitive interview process, are appointed as School Councillors.

The two Head Students are the Co-Chairs of School Council.


Student Leadership

The Head Students, always drawn from Year 13 after being elected by their year group peers, act as our student leadership role models, along with the soon to be appointed Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Assistant Secretary of School Council. 

The two current Head Students, Simran Kaur and Hemali Julka, along with the other members of the interim Year 13 Student Leadership Team, have been integral to the creation and implementation of the new Student Voice structure. As well as having overseen the election process for Form Reps, and having spoken to each year group at assembly to introduce the new structure, they will now serve as the interview panel members that will select the soon to be appointed new School Councillors. The selection process is student led and has been designed to be as realistically comparable to a modern work place structure as possible, so as to give all the students concerned valid experience of employment recruitment practices. 

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