Our provision is designed to ensure that all Lampton students have access to an ambitious  broad and  balanced curriculum. This curriculum is implemented in such a way to ensure that Lampton students are fully equipped for their next stage in education, training and employment, and are ready to become active and productive citizens.


Broad and balanced curriculum

All students at Lampton have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. As such, our KS3 provision includes all National Curriculum subjects as discrete subjects, all of which align with the relevant subject specific National Curriculum requirements. In addition,KS3 pupils have discrete drama lessons and discrete PSHE lessons. The  EBACC suite of subjects is open to all . KS4 options allow 4 choices to accommodate Ebacc choices/ triple science choices alongside further choices from a range of other technologies, art,  performing arts and vocational options. In addition, all KS4 students study GCSE Religious Studies and also follow a discrete PSHE programme. In the rare cases where curriculum adaptations are made, this is done to ensure the student has the best possible opportunity to move successfully on to their next stage of training or education. 


Curriculum implementation

Our curriculum implementation is based on a four part model ( Fadel, C


Remember and understand key knowledge: factual and conceptual knowledge 

Subject specific skills

Apply that knowledge with fluency so that they acquire appropriate disciplinary knowledge within the context of the subject 


Learn  how to learn most effectively in the context of the subject


Develop as learners in the context of the subject: developing requisite dispositions of curiosity; confidence; perseverance; resilience; adaptability; supporting others; ability to work independently 


All curriculum areas have designed their curricula on the basis of organising factual knowledge; conceptual knowledge and skill development all of which is logically sequenced over time to support students knowing more, remembering more and doing more with what they know. For subject specific details, please see the relevant curriculum pages. 


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