Careers at Lampton

The Careers Service for Students at Lampton School

All students will receive a planned programme of careers education, impartial information, advice and guidance throughout their education at Lampton School.

Careers is embedded within the curriculum at Lampton School via PSHE and all departments across all Key Stages ensure that links are made between subjects and future pathways/careers throughout the academic year. We have a range of different ways careers are embedded within both the curriculum and wider school community at Lampton School in accordance with the GATSBY Benchmarks.(Please see below.) 

Our Provider Access Policy is in the download section below.  

If you do have any questions with regard to the Careers Programme at Lampton School please contact the dedicated Careers Leader -  Ms Emma Cowing. Her email is

The assigned member of the leadership for Careers is Assistant Head Teacher , Ms A Kapila,

If you do have any questions with regard to careers interviews or would like to request an interview at Lampton School please do contact the schools designated careers advisor, Ms Angela Gibbins,

Overview of the careers programme at Lampton


Please see latest preview from Success at School of their "Parents & Carers Guide to helping your child to begin their career journey". It is in the download section below.

National Careers week 2021:

Please also find the latest guide for parents that has been produced for National careers week 2021 - it is full of advice and guidance on activities that students and parents can complete. Please follow this link & it can be downloaded from the document section below


The current Careers Policy, Careers Programme and Provider Access Policy are in the downloads section below

If you require further information regarding the content of this web page please contact Ms Kapila via

Benchmark 1: A stable careers programme

We have a stable Careers Programme, Careers Policy and a Provider Access Policy published here on the Careers page of the website for Teachers, Employers, Parents/Carers and Students to access and download. The programme is reviewed and evaluated annually and feedback sought from all parties concerned.

Benchmark 2: Learning from career & labour market information

Pupils have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities as part of our careers programme. In 2020 we will sharing career path and labour market information with parents at events such as the Options Evening.

Benchmark 3: Needs of Each Pupil

Advice and support is tailored to the needs of each of our pupils. We have employed a specialist careers advisor and her details can be found above on the website. Our careers programme raises the aspirations of all our pupils and challenges stereotypical thinking about future possibilities.

Benchmark 4: Linking curriculum to careers

Careers education is part of the curriculum in PSHE lessons and makes links between the curriculum and real world career paths. During 2019-20 we are reviewing curriculum links so that pupils have meaningful experiences in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science as well as the rest of the curriculum.

Benchmark 5: Encounters with employers & employees

All our pupils have encounters with employers and employees leading to a better understanding of the workplace and potential career paths. Just one example of this at Lampton is our “Girls Can Do Day” for pupils in Year 10 in which they get to have meaningful interactions with over 40 employers or employees. Please refer to the Careers Programme for more details of the other opportunities for Lampton pupils.

Benchmark 6: Experiences of workplaces

We strive to give all pupils the opportunity to experience the workplace environment to understand the context in which they could one day be working. We are making progress towards all pupils having at least one experience by the end of year 11. Year 12 and 13 have such opportunities. Please see the careers programme for further details.

Benchmark 7: Encounters with further and higher education

Our careers programme allows for all pupils to have encounters with sixth form colleges, apprenticeships, further education colleges, independent training providers, Higher Education providers and have meaningful engagement with Universities.

Benchmark 8: Personal guidance

All lampton students have the opportunity for guidance interviews with a career adviser who is trained to level 6. The advisor is impartial and we contract her services in from the Local Authority.


Page Downloads Date  
Careers Education Policy at Lampton 2019-20 07th Dec 2019 Download
Provider Access Policy 2020-21 07th Dec 2019 Download
Careers Programme 07th Dec 2019 Download
Parents & Carers guide to beginning your child's career journey 02nd Jun 2020 Download
Parents Guide to National Careers Week 02nd Mar 2021 Download
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