In preparation for all our students to succeed in their GCSE/A-Levels all students in years 11-13 sit pre-public examinations throughout the year. Pre-public examinations prepare students for their exams and allow the students to gain the experience and routines associated with sitting their exams. Teachers use the results of these exams to identify the help that students need to be successful in their GCSEs or A levels.

Across the year external examinations are sat by students from years 10 to 13. All students that are entered for external examinations will be expected to read the JCQ information to candidates and make sure they understand what is expected of them whilst sitting examinations. All external examinations are set by the exam boards and details for examinations cannot be changed by the school. These are expectations for all students across the country. Exam dates cannot be changed as these are set nationally.

We expect all students sitting pre-public examinations or external examinations to arrive in good time for their exam, so they enter the exam room calmly, all students must arrive at least 15 minutes before the official start time of their exams.

Students will be prepared by their teachers prior to their exams. It is essential that all students work from a revision timetable and use past papers to prepare for their examinations.

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Examinations Autumn 2020

There will be an opportunity for those who could not take examinations that they were entered for, or who feel they were disadvantaged by the arrangements for the examinations in summer 2020, to take the exams in Autumn 2020.  These examinations will be made up for written exams only, no coursework will be included, other than for Art.  The examination schedule is:

  Exam dates Entry deadline
 A levels 5th - 23rd October 2020 4th September midday
GCSE's 2nd - 23rd November 2020 18th September midday


The application form and price lists can be found below.



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Autumn 2020 Exam fees GCSE version 2 04th Sep 2020 Download
Exam application form GCSE Nov 2020 version 2 04th Sep 2020 Download
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