Parents' Evenings

At Lampton, each year group will have a parents’ evening. This is to provide parents with the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers so that they can discuss their child’s progress, strengths and areas for development.

Because of the restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will be using a new online system to run our parents' evenings. Parents will log into the system using details that will be sent to them in a letter.

Click here to log into the system (see below for a guide on how to log into the software)

This system will allow parents to book appointments with their child's teachers and have an online meeting with them. Before the parents' evening we will email parents a copy of their child's pupil progress check (PPC). This has information about their child’s progress in their different subjects. It also includes information about their child’s attendance and punctuality.

Click here for information on how to use the online meeting software.

Click here for information on how to resolve technical problems with the online software.


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