Gift Aid for Lampton

 Lampton School, like all others, is operating in a very challenging financial environment. We have been proactively exercising every possible avenue we can to reduce the gap between what income we get from the government and the costs of ensuring all our students receive only the best education and resources.

We rent out as much of our premises as possible, charge externally for top quality teacher training and also keep tight financial control over all aspects of the school.

School running costs School £54,609

Income received from the Government £48,667 

As you can see any additional funds we raise is merely plugging the gap between the day to day running costs of the school and income received.

We still need to invest in the infrastructure, any additional resources and projects such as the new canteen/performing arts facility.

This is where you can help us.
If every parent at Lampton School regularly donated only £5 a month we would have enough money

To instal 2 new science labs.

To buy a much needed new mini bus

To part cover the shortfall in the canteen/performing arts building.

If you wish to help please complete the forms in the download section below :

Voluntary Donation Form, Direct Debit Mandate and Gift Aid form if applicable.

These can be returned to the Finance Office, Lampton School, Lampton Avenue, TW3 4EP or emailed through to 

We know that times are really tough and we appreciate any donation of any size.
Your donation will help us forge forward and ensure Lampton remains the amazing outstanding progressive school that it is. 


Page Downloads Date  
Direct Debit Form 01st Jun 2020 Download
Gift Aid Form 01st Jun 2020 Download
Voluntary Support Form 01st Jun 2020 Download
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