Sixth Form Staff

Rebecca Jackson – Director of Sixth Form

We have a highly ambitious group of students here at Lampton: my role is to ensure that teaching and learning enables students to reach their academic potential, that pastoral guidance supports students in their endeavours and that students are provided with a range of opportunities to prepare for entrance to the most prestigious universities.

Emma Cowing – Head of Year 12

I see my role as a pastoral and academic point of call for every student in the year group. The main aim is to make sure that all students, regardless of their personal lives and socio-economic background, are given the opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills, confidence, future prospects and academic strengths to meet the needs of an ever changing environment.

Ben Bux – Head of Year 13

Sixth form is an important time when students make the transition from school to their adult pathways. Our role is to support students, not only academically but with the choices and skills that they need to be successful whichever route they follow. My role as Head of Year together with the tutor team is to offer a supportive environment in which students are able to pursue their interests and perhaps develop skills they never knew they had.

Nicky Hunt – Higher Education Coordinator

Our ambition is that all students can access the top universities – and my role is to ensure that students access opportunities like summer schools and masterclasses to help for the highly competitive entrance process.

Form Tutors

Form tutors are here to ensure that you use each day to maximise your academic potential and emerge as happy, healthy and active citizens of our wider community. We do this by testing your knowledge of current affairs, reminding you to eat proper lunches, passing on application forms for opportunities that will interest you, telling you jokes, helping you to create coursework-writing schedules, writing your university references and making sure that the first thing you hear here each morning is an energetic and sincere ‘Hello’.

Jan Cooper – PA to 6th Form

Guiding students through our own admissions process, arranging work experience, distributing bursary funds and helping students navigate the UCAS application are central to my role.

Rachel Lane & Sharon Fernandes – Attendance Supervisors

Developing positive habits of attendance and punctuality are key to success in school and in later life – and we’re here to make sure that students make the most of their potential.

Where students or parents have concerns about wellbeing, we strongly encourage contact with the form tutor or Head of Year.

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