Pupils are expected to project a professional image at all time, and so wear their uniform correctly throughout the school day and on their journey to and from school.
Please see below for details of our uniform code.
Where students do not come in wearing appropriate uniform, the item is subject to confiscation. Student services also holds a stock of spare uniform and students may be asked to change into a uniform policy compliant item. 
If students do not comply they may be placed in the Reflection Room until dressed in line with the policy.


Plain black, with school badge. Buttons should be black.

White shirt or blouse

A plain white shirts or blouse must be tucked in at all times. Shirts must have a top button which should be fastened at all times.

Skirt or Trousers

Trousers and skirts must be plain black and be made of suitable material e.g. cotton or polyester (denim or stretchy fabrics including lycra are not acceptable).  If a student is wearing a skirt, the school’s regulation skirt must be worn, and it must be of appropriate length i.e. on the knee or below.


School tie. Available from the school. KS3 (Striped: Year 7-9) and KS4 (plain black with school crest: Year 10-11) ties should be worn as appropriate.


Black ‘V’ neck with school badge. (NB: It is not essential to wear a jumper but if a jumper is worn it must be a school jumper. Crew neck jumpers, sweatshirts or ’hoodies’ are not allowed). A school jumper is not a substitute for a blazer.


Plain black ‘slip ons’ or lace-up. No decoration (including coloured stitching/laces). Fashion boots or shoes with exaggerated heels or soles are unacceptable for health and safety reasons. Trainers are not to be worn in the school building or when entering or leaving school premises. Shoes must be worn to and from school.

A medical certificate or note from a Doctor will be required to accompany any request not to wear school shoes. Trainers may be used for sporting activities in the playground at break and lunchtime, but must be changed before entry into the school buildings.

Outdoor coats

BLACK ONLY. No coloured jackets. Outside jackets should be at least of blazer length (i.e ‘Bomber’, ‘Puffer’ jackets or ‘Hoodies’ are not suitable.) Motifs on jackets are not allowed.

School Bag

A black rucksack with school badge is compulsory for all year 7, 8 and 9 students (and can be purchased from the school directly)


Additional information


Shaved, patterned hair are extremes of fashion and as such are not acceptable. Any student with long hair must be prepared to tie back their hair for practical activities. The school will make the final decision as to whether a hairstyle is considered extreme.


Hats and caps (such as baseball caps) are not part of the uniform of the school. Inappropriate headwear will be confiscated, placed in a bag marked with the pupil’s name, and returned personally only to a parent or carer.


Neck scarves may be worn in cold weather. They should be black in colour.

Students may wear headscarves for the purpose of religious observation; headscarves must be plain black.

Make-up and nail varnish

Heavy make-up should not be worn, nor nail varnish. Pupils breaking this rule will have to remove makeup/nail varnish in Student Services.


For health and safety reasons, and to avoid the distress caused to individuals by loss or damage to personal property, jewellery may not be worn. The only exceptions are jewellery of accepted religious significance, a watch, or one pair of small ear studs. Nose pins, bracelets, and necklaces are not allowed. Rings are not to be worn at school.

Any jewellery worn which does not conform to this rule will be confiscated and returned to the student in line with school policy.

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