Our Vision

The LWA shares Challenge Partners’ mission and values.

The LWA’s mission is to “improve pupils’ outcomes and reduce educational inequality through effective collaboration, enabling every pupil to experience the combined wisdom of the education system.”

To work towards this mission, as a member of Challenge Partners, the LWA has adopted these four core aims that guide what it does:

  • Improve pupils’ examination results at a rate above the national average and accelerate progress of the disadvantaged
  • Enable all the schools in its alliance to improve at a rate above the national average
  • Create more national leaders and outstanding schools.
  • Develop a world class, self-improving and sustainable system that contributes to national research and policymaking

Challenge Partners’ values also underpin everything the LWA does. The values are:

  • Challenge each other to pursue the very best for every child, teacher and leader
  • Listen to, share with and learn from other colleagues
  • Support each other with empathy by proactively disseminating expertise
  • Be open, honest and humble and trust each other to do the same
  • Speak up and lead on issues and areas that affect the entire network and the school system as a whole
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