School to School Support

Our mission is to enable all schools to improve through collaboration with each other.

The London West Alliance is committed to school improvement support both within the alliance and externally.

If you are a member of our alliance and would like to know how to get involved in this work and if you are seeking support for your school please contact Marie-Anne Lerègle. 

Experts available in the alliance

To get the full list of our SLE experts please contact

Challenge Partners Network of Excellence

As a Challenge Partners Teaching School we have accessed to Challenge Partners’ Network of Excellence which brings together more than 400 primary, secondary, post-16, special schools and APs nationally. This network gives us access the wide range of expertise.

Phyllis Bridge - EAL Subject Leader

As Subject Leader of EAL for more than a decade, I have successfully led the EAL team in various schools to raise the achievement of EAL students. More recently, as literacy co-ordinator, I have planned, delivered and supported staff on literacy development through Continuing Professional Development, production of resources and one to one support.  Outside school I led on projects with the London Challenge and EEF to promote the education of bilingual and multilingual learners with high impact. My pioneer EAL work in Feltham Community College is showcased on Ofsted Good Practice website.

My primary role is to lead on language and development across the whole school, especially in the area of teaching and learning where high impact strategies are introduced to improve student outcomes. Secondly, I provide and deliver a bespoke curriculum for the learners of English as an additional language and ensure their progress is in line with their abilities. In addition, I use data to plan and deliver literacy intervention programmes to those who are in need of a boost to make further progress in literacy. Last but not least, I draw up and deliver training programmes for staff at departmental and whole school levels so as to empower them with the latest effective literacy strategies.

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