School to School Support

Our mission is to enable all schools to improve through collaboration with each other.

The London West Alliance is committed to school improvement support both within the alliance and externally.

If you are a member of our alliance and would like to know how to get involved in this work and if you are seeking support for your school please contact  Marie-Anne Lerègle. 

Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE)

Teaching schools are responsible for the selection and placement of SLE’s. If you are an experienced middle or senior leader who is interested in supporting leaders in other schools, you might want to apply to be a specialist leader of education (SLE). This is part of the Government plan to have School led self-improving systems.

To apply you will need to have been in a leadership role below the head teacher for at least 2 years. There are usually 1 recruitment rounds per year. This is a four year post.


Successful applicants will be entitled to a core training day. It provides you with essential information about the role and gives you the tools and techniques for effective school-to-school support. It also gives you the opportunity to meet others in the role.

The role of a SLE

SLE’s focus on developing leadership capacity to provide leaders with the skills to lead their own teams and improve practice in their own schools. This may involve coaching, joint planning, sharing data analysis, facilitating and training.

Our SLE’s have expertise in the following areas: Leadership and Management, Pupil Achievement, Quality of Teaching and Behaviour and Safety. SLE’s are also able to support primary schools in core areas of teaching and learning.

Experts available in the alliance

To get the full list of our SLE experts please contact

Challenge Partners Network of Excellence

As a Challenge Partners Teaching School we have accessed to Challenge Partners’ Network of Excellence which brings together more than 400 primary, secondary, post-16, special schools and APs nationally. This network gives us access the wide range of expertise.

Ruth Williams - Maths SLE Work Summary

At the heart of my work is a passion to develop primary teachers’ maths skills and improve the mathematical experience of all pupils in the classroom. 

Over the past few years I have written and delivered numerous courses for both developing and enriching primary maths skills (heavily subsidised by LBH, LSEF and Maths Hubs in turn) but the demand for bespoke support is currently greater. I also write and deliver collaborative maths masterclasses for able upper KS2 pupils and their teachers.

The bespoke in school support I deliver ranges from whole school insets to modelling lessons and developing the curriculum with SLT. It includes developing pedagogy, supporting teachers in the classroom, INSET programmes, educating parents and developing numeracy strategies in the light of the changing curriculum. In could also involve supporting individual teachers with differentiation, planning for mastery for all, effective assessment for learning and questioning techniques. I often use an adapted lesson study model.

Unfortunately, with budgets increasingly becoming a factor some local schools are finding they are unable to sustain the level of support they ideally require. This has had an impact on the bookings for the masterclasses that for the first time ever are not oversubscribed!

I am beginning to develop some collaborative working groups with the inception of a LWA maths transition network that meets a couple of times a term and a new WG funded by the DfE through the maths hubs

Developing mathematical understanding underpins good teaching otherwise we are continually building on wobbly foundations. In order to assess whether a student has understood the maths the teacher surely needs to have secure mathematical knowledge themselves. With the increasing demands of the new curriculum lack of mathematical fluency and confidence amongst teachers is becoming more evident.

Joy Morgan - Leadership and Management

I have extensive experience of leadership in a range of inner-London schools and have set-up high impact CPD programmes which have been commended by OFSTED, local authorities and Headteachers in partnership schools. I have expertise in the identification and provision for the more able, supporting UK and international schools in reviewing and developing their policies and practice. 

My passion lies in CPD as a tool to raise achievement, plan for succession and ensure that all members of the school community are able to excel in their roles and achieve professional fulfilment.

I offer advice on setting up a coherent, high quality, high impact CPD programme from pre-ITT to senior leadership. I can also support Student Leadership initiatives to accelerate professional development for teachers at all stages in their careers.

Having worked as a G&T consultant and provided CPD, advice and guidance to a number of schools and parents, I am well-placed to advise on the identification of more able students and on the provision of high quality support and challenge in the classroom.

Phyllis Bridge - EAL Subject Leader

As Subject Leader of EAL for more than a decade, I have successfully led the EAL team in various schools to raise the achievement of EAL students. More recently, as literacy co-ordinator, I have planned, delivered and supported staff on literacy development through Continuing Professional Development, production of resources and one to one support.  Outside school I led on projects with the London Challenge and EEF to promote the education of bilingual and multilingual learners with high impact. My pioneer EAL work in Feltham Community College is showcased on Ofsted Good Practice website.

My primary role is to lead on language and development across the whole school, especially in the area of teaching and learning where high impact strategies are introduced to improve student outcomes. Secondly, I provide and deliver a bespoke curriculum for the learners of English as an additional language and ensure their progress is in line with their abilities. In addition, I use data to plan and deliver literacy intervention programmes to those who are in need of a boost to make further progress in literacy. Last but not least, I draw up and deliver training programmes for staff at departmental and whole school levels so as to empower them with the latest effective literacy strategies.

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