Equality & Diversity

At Lampton, we are committed to celebrating the fantastic diversity of students and staff we have as part of our school community. Throughout the year, we run a range of events to celebrate the diversity of our school community. 

We are extremely proud to have a Diversity Group; a support group of LGBTQ+ students and allies who meet regularly and discuss current issues whilst also working towards promoting a school culture of respecting diversity and celebrating differences. 

We also run a range of assemblies and tutor period resources to promote key events in the inclusion, diversity and equalities calendar encouraging meaningful discussions amongst all students and ensuring that everyone feels accepted in the community. 

It is our aim to create a safe environment that allows students to explore who they are, whilst feeling safe and supported to allow them to flourish. To find out more about our equalities policy and other information, please visit this page.

If you require further information regarding the content of this web page please contact our Equalities Co-ordinators Connie Grantham and Veronika Edwards via enquiries@lampton.org.uk


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