Lampton News - week 4

Posted on Sep 20th 2021

Monday 20th September 2021

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Welcome to the weekly update for the fourth week of the Autumn Term 2021. 

By now, I am sure that you have heard the government announcement that Covid vaccinations will be rolled out to all 12 - 15 year olds. The school’s role in this is that we will provide a venue for the NHS/Schools’ Immunisation Service to administer the jabs and send consent documents to parents/carers on their behalf. Once I have received precise details from Hounslow’s Public Health Department, the school will pass on the relevant information. Locally, vaccinations for those over 16 are available at walk-in clinics.

In this week’s update there is information on community service, homework support, safeguarding, the special menu in celebration of the European Day of Languages, our new Lampton readers’ programme and support for GCSE students. Please do take time to read this information.

A reminder that full school uniform must be worn on the journey to and from school and it’s good to see the majority of students representing Lampton well in the local area.

Best wishes for the week ahead,

Stephen Davis

Homework Support and Community Service:

Homework Support is given when a student misses a deadline or hands in incomplete work and takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3.10-4.10. Students have access to PCs and are supervised to complete homework to ensure that they stay up to date. Community service is given for infringements of the school rules such as persistent poor uniform, anti-social behaviour, or truancy: students will repair relationships by helping the community, this takes place 3.10-3.40 also on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. If a child is required to stay behind for either Homework Support or Community Service, parents and carers will receive a text message in advance to notify. 


Safeguarding Focus:

How do you know who access to your child when they’re using their phone? It is vital that parents and carers supervise their child’s use of phones and PCs. This is both to protect your child from dangers online - such as paedophiles impersonating young people on social media, and to ensure that your child develops healthy online habits. There have recently been cases of students using sites such as Omegle, which are inherently dangerous for children as users are randomly paired with strangers to interact online. For more information on age appropriate social media, please see:

We strongly recommend that parents and carers ensure that parental controls are used on any internet enabled devices:

For PCs:

For Android phones:

For Apple phones:

For more information, please see:

European Day of Languages:

To celebrate the occasion at Lampton, on Friday 24th September, the canteen will produce an international menu with exciting choices of French, German and Spanish meals amongst other traditional European meals.

Salad Bar Special: French Baguette Cheese Sandwich

 Halal Main: German Chicken Schnitzel

 Veg Main: Spanish Vegetarian Paella

 Breaktime Snack: Italian Pizza

 Pastry: Danish Cinnamon roll

Lampton Readers Programme:

What an excellent start to the Lampton Readers’ Programme! Thank you all so much for your wonderful effort to get our students to read.

Remember this is fun, it's great for the wellbeing of our students and will quickly improve their understanding in all lessons.

Here is a reminder of our roles. We like to listen, keep the feedback coming so the programme improves as it progresses.

GCSE Survival Guide: 

Parents and carers of students in Y10 and Y11 may be interested in this extensive guide on how best to support their children:

There is also a helpful NHS guide for parents and carers on how to support your child with examination stress:


Message from LB Hounslow: 

Water advertising challenge

We are asking primary and secondary school children to help develop an advertising campaign. One that can inspire everyone between the ages of 4 and 18 in London to drink only water in school.

We want this to be a message ‘from the young people of London, for the young people of London’. It should feel inspiring and powerful but also honest about the benefits. The closing date has been extended to 1st November 2021

In addition, we would be very grateful if schools could complete this short survey to get a sense of the level of water only schools in London.  Survey link

Please see the link and attachment for more information about the competition.

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