Lampton School - Week 40

Posted on Jul 18th 2022


Monday 18th July


Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Welcome to our weekly update for the thirteenth and final week of the Summer Term 2022. In this very hot weather our heat wave uniform modifications will apply and school hours have been amended. Thank you for your support with this.

School ends on Friday 22nd July at 12.30pm and we would ask for your support in ensuring that all students vacate the vicinity of the school as quickly as possible. The Autumn Term begins for students on Monday 5th September for Y7 and Y12 at 8.40am, with the remaining year groups returning on Tuesday 6th September at 8.40am. Please use the summer break to ensure that school uniform is renewed and equipment re-stocked. Details of our expectations can be found elsewhere on the website.

This half-term has seen the return of trips, visits and enrichment activities following the pandemic. It has been great to see so many students engaged in these really valuable activities. These have ranged from trips to London Zoo, Kew Gardens, the V & A, National Gallery, The Globe Theatre, bowling, trampolining and the list goes on. Our Sports’ Days have been amended due to the weather and have been great fun too. My thanks to all staff who have organised these activities and those who have accompanied groups too.

 I wish you and your families and restful summer break and look forward to seeing you in the Autumn Term.

With many thanks for your support and best wishes,

Stephen Davis


Diversity day - Friday 22nd July

On Friday we will be hosting our first ever diversity day - a non uniform day where students are encouraged to wear clothes that reflect an aspect of their identity. For more information, please see below - this information will also be shared with students in registration on Tuesday morning.

Students at Lampton School have recently been lobbying for a non-uniform day, where students are encouraged to wear clothing that reflects their culture and identity. 

This has been fed back to School Council, who are passionate about student voice and responding to innovative ideas!  

On Friday, there will now be a non-uniform day where you are all invited to wear clothing that reflects your identity!

Your clothes can reflect any aspect of your identity. 

For example, clothes that reflect an aspect of your race, religion or gender identity.  In other words, who you are as a person - your culture, beliefs and values.

We will also be using Diversity Day as an opportunity to raise money for a charity.

Each form group will decide on Friday which charity from the First Give finals their tutor groups will donate to.

Please can you bring in £1 on Friday morning. Please bring cash!

Your Form Tutors will collect your £1 donations on Friday morning.


Support for low income families

Please note that free school meal vouchers will be emailed during the last week of term for support over the summer holidays. The range of recipe ideas by the food writer Jack Monroe are cheap, nutritious and fun for children to make too. We have also included other money saving meal out ideas for the summer holidays:


Safeguarding briefing: the Summer holidays

Whilst the school is closed during the summer holidays, students can access our wellbeing page for advice and guidance on safeguarding issues, and parents and carers are encouraged to visit this advice page.

 Please also see this letter from the Metropolitan Police to parents and carers of all school age children. 

 If you become aware that a child is at risk, please contact the police, Hounslow Children's Services and / or the NSPCC as appropriate. If you think a child is at immediate risk of harm, please call the police on 999.

 If there is a safeguarding issue that requires attention from school staff during the holidays, please contact the school reception via or call on 0208 572 1936. 

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