Lampton News - Week 12

Posted on Nov 22nd 2021


Monday 22nd November

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Welcome to our weekly update for the twelfth week of the Autumn Term 2021.

This afternoon we will be having a catch-up face to face Parents’ Evening for selected students in Y9 - thank you to those staff and parents/carers who will be supporting this. Y8 and Y11 Parents’ Evenings will be taking place online on Wednesday 1st and Wednesday 8th December respectively. Please ensure that you make appointments for these events. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Mr Leggett (Deputy Headteacher).

Please remember to continue to test at home twice per week - if your child requires additional test kits, they can contact Student Services. Vaccinations for 12-15 year olds are available at walk-in clinics locally.

Our consistency focus remains about ensuring that students are wearing appropriate school shoes while on the premises and both to and from school. Please see the uniform page on the website for a guide to those shoes which are acceptable.

A reminder that school is closed on Friday 26th November all day for an Occasional Day holiday.

We will be open again at the usual time on Monday 29th November.

With best wishes for the week ahead.

Stephen Davis

Year 8 parents evening: 

Parents of Year 8 students will also be sent a link to a very important video briefing from the Head of Year 8, Miss Mahmoud. Please make time to watch this briefing with your child on the evening.

Safeguarding briefing:

An important aspect of the safeguarding work that the school does is in educating students around appropriate relationships and respect for boundaries. We do this through PSHE curriculum as part of Relationship, Sex, Health Education, and also when appropriate through the assembly and tutor time. It’s also important that these issues are talked about at home, and we would encourage parents and careers to use resources from SAFE!, a local charity to support these discussions. 

SAFE! teach young people to listen to their 'Early Warning Signs' when they don't feel safe. They also encourage young people to work out who they can talk to if they are not feeling safe, and to seek help when they need it. SAFE! has developed a specific website with resources to identify some of the problems faced by young people online called Safe Stories. 

Looking at the issues through the eyes of animated characters, the video short stories are accompanied by advice and guidance on issues such as cyber-abuse, sexting, revenge porn, consent and healthy relationships. This is advice designed to help young people stay safe and to promote positive and respectful relationships. The characters in the video are fictional, but their stories are based on the real experiences of young people supported by SAFE! You can find the website and resources here:

If you are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your child or any student in the school, please contact the safeguarding team

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