COVID -19 Government & School Advice



Dear Parents/Carers and Students,

Welcome to our bulletin for week 3 of the Autumn Term 2020. I am very pleased to report that students have settled very quickly to the new ways of working and I would like to place on record my congratulations to them and my thanks to parents and carers for your support at this time. I am very pleased to report that attendance since the start of term has been excellent, showing students’ commitment to their studies.

As this is the first full  Week B of the term we are holding year assemblies at the end of each day where we will be celebrating how well students have performed on their full time return to school and supporting students to excel in the weeks and months ahead. Please ask your child/children about this.

This week’s bulletin contains important information about how school is operating currently and I would be very grateful if you could take time to go over this information with your child/children. This will support the whole school community in operating in an effective and safe way.

With best wishes and we will be updating you further next Monday.

Stephen Davis



We have had a very positive start to the Autumn term and we are very pleased to welcome all our students back into school. These are very challenging times but our students have adapted well and have been very sensible and mature in their approach, living up to our school values of excellence, respect and integrity.

Attendance since the start of the school year stands at 96.5% and is heading towards our target of 97%. We have had many questions regarding attendance and COVID-19 so we have updated the Attendance page on the website with a set of Frequently Asked Questions please follow this link:

If you can’t find the answer or have other questions please contact our attendance team on:

0208 538 4704 for Years 7-11

020 853 4700 for Year 12 & 13 

For more information on the process that we follow when there has been a suspected/  confirmed case of Covid-19, please see this information from LB Hounslow.

Social distancing at the School Gates guidance from LB Hounslow:

Wearing a face mask in crowded areas: We have received reports from parents who have said social distancing isn’t taking place at the school gates. Please can you remind parents and carers who are dropping off and collecting children that they must wear a face covering in crowded areas (including outside) where a social distance of 2 metres isn’t possible.



Please ensure that your child is fully equipped when coming to school. They should have a pencil case with basic equipment- pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, glue and purple pen. Please ensure that your child brings a mask in and also has specialist equipment- scientific calculator, protractor and compass. The equipment shop is open for specific year groups on specific days- if your child has forgotten any equipment they can purchase this from school. 

Homework / Google Classroom:

Please note that for this academic year, we will be using Google Classroom and not Show My Homework to set all homework for all year groups. The reason for this is so that in the event of needing to educate students from home, teachers and students will be well used to using this Google Classroom. If students are having trouble with their passwords, they may speak to Deby Hampton in reception, or email

We encourage all parents of students in Y7-11 to be registered as a parent / guardian on Google Classroom so that you can receive daily notifications of all work set. If you are not already registered, please email so that you can receive these notifications. 


Catering at Lampton:

Due to health and safety guidance for COVID-19 we have had to make adjustments to our lunchtime offer. Our chef and team are working hard to provide an exciting choice despite the restrictions they are working under - to see the choices for each day please follow this link:


Report on Summer Basketball Camp: “West London Gators”:

This summer holiday Coach Mike put together a basketball camp for Lampton school students which was held here in the old gym during the 6 weeks holiday. At camp we had over 20 students attend on each week of the camp along with special guest coaches from surrounding areas like Richmond, Ealing and Kingston who were on hand to help students enhance their basketball skills.     

 During camp we had visits from the London Basketball Association (LBA) who are an organisation within the basketball community who document basketball events and run courses for young people about career paths within the sport. From coaching, officiating, social media, sports journalism, and first aid courses. The students not only got to develop their basketball skills they also got to find out what other areas within basketball they could choose to follow where it could lead to paid work. Camp concluded with some students going away on a trip Coach Mike arranged with an American youth basketball team who are family members of the US military force based at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. The students got to play a friendly game for two different age groups and learn a bit about life on the military base for the children who live and go to school there.

 Aymen Ayari had this to say “Camp was an amazing experience getting trained by so many experienced coaches was great, making new friends and learning about other avenues within basketball something I never knew about before I’ll never forget. The fact camp ended with the trip to RAF Lakenheath was unbelievable all of this has given me so much motivation”  

 Coach Mike would like to thank Mike Bates for allowing the summer camp to go ahead at Lampton school he would also like to thank the site team lead by John Hurley and all the site staff for making sure we were kept safe at all times and the teams fantastic job of cleaning on a regular basis.

 For more information on “West London Gators”, please contact Coach Mike at, and see:


For previous updates please see sections below:

Weekly Update COVID-19 Monday 7th September 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Welcome to our first weekly update for the Autumn Term 2020. As we did throughout the lockdown, we will be updating you on the situation in school every Monday via the website until further notice.

We have been very pleased to welcome students in all year groups back to school since last Thursday. Each year group has had an assembly outlining the new ways in which we have to operate and our expectations so that we are all kept safe and well and make excellent progress. I am very pleased to report that students have adapted well and have been very sensible and mature in their approach, living up to our school values of excellence, respect and integrity.

To ensure that we are flexible and adapt to any changes in circumstance, the school’s Risk Assessment Review Group meets every Friday. If there are any changes to the way in which the school has to operate,we will inform you via this weekly update. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and please do take time to familiarise yourself with the information below.

With best wishes,

Stephen Davis


Start of the school day: please note that now that we have removed break and lunch from the school day (to maintain the separation of year group bubbles), the school day now starts with registration at 9.50am. To ensure a punctual start to the day students should arrive between 9.30 and 9.45, using the following gates to maintain the separation of year group bubbles: Y7-9 sports hall gate, Y10-11 Banksian (middle) gate, Y12-13 the reception gate.


Face coverings in the school: as we welcome students back, there have been some questions about our policy on face coverings. As you may know, the government has issued guidance on face coverings in education. The government’s guidance is that:

“Nationwide, the government is not recommending face coverings are necessary in education settings generally because a system of controls, applicable to all education environments, provides additional mitigating measures. Schools and colleges will have the discretion to require face coverings in indoor communal areas where social distancing cannot be safely managed, if they believe that it is right in their particular circumstances.” See full guidance:

We have reorganised the school into year group zones to protect year group bubbles. Our policy is that face coverings should be worn in communal areas (non-bubble areas), for example in the canteen and if students need to enter into a different year group zone. To help maintain an effective learning environment and ensure clear communication, our current policy is that face coverings should not be worn in the classroom. 

However, we understand that there may be some students who have medical conditions that put them at higher risk from the effects of Covid-19, or some students who are anxious as they live with someone who is or has been shielding due to their own vulnerabilities. Where this is the case, you may apply for permission for your child to wear a face covering. Please see complete the linked form.

As with all aspects of the school’s operation, we will keep our policy under review depending on the local context and national guidance. 


Uniform: Please ensure your child attends school in the correct uniform. A small number of pupils have attended school on their first week back with the incorrect uniform, i.e trainers, no ties and no blazers, these can all be purchased from School Bells as mentioned on our school website. As per school procedure any pupil incorrect uniform will be required to wear uniform supplied by the school (depending on the nature of the clothing, it is either washed or quarantined between student use). Generic school uniform such as shirts, trousers, skirts and blazers can be purchased at any retailer, and Lampton specific items such as the blazer badge, tie and PE kit can be purchased via School Bells.


Extension of Trial “School Street” Access Restrictions “No Dropping Zone”

Following the temporary restrictions that were introduced to motor traffic on Lampton Avenue in June, the council has made the decision to extend these measures into the new school year on an experimental basis.

How does it work?

A “No Motor Vehicle” access restriction will be introduced on Lampton Avenue, from its junction with Lampton Road. The scheme will operate on the whole road (including Sutton Dene, North Dene and Berwyn Avenue).

Road users will be made aware of these restrictions by the placement of a “no motor vehicles” sign with the times these measures are in operation (9:15-10:15am and 2:45-3:45pm Monday to Friday). The scheme will come into force from Friday 4th September 2020 and parents and carers driving their children to school,  will not be permitted to enter the zone.

All unauthorised vehicles trying to enter the restricted area during the specified times will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). The fine is £130.

The scheme will operate without a physical barrier in place to minimise disruption to authorised vehicles entering and leaving the road. The restrictions will be enforced by camera (a mobile CCTV car or a fixed camera that can read vehicle number plates) and visits from Hounslow’s Civil Enforcement Officers. Only staff, pupils who have transport as part of an EHCP and residents will be authorised to enter the zone during these times.

How long will it be in place? The School Street measures will run for a trial period between September 2020 and July 2021 and will operate during term time only. 

The school asks pupils to walk, scoot or cycle where possible. 


Update for parents of Y7 students from Miss Mahmoud:

August COVID-19 Updates

Friday 28th August



Dear Parents/Carers and Students,

I hope that you have all been able to have a relaxing and enjoyable summer break. We are looking forward to welcoming all students back to Lampton for the start of the Autumn Term at the following times:

Y7 - 9.50 Thursday 3rd September, enter via the pedestrian gate in front of reception and go to the hall.

Y8 - 9.00 Friday 4th September, enter via sports hall gate and go to the gym

Y9 - 9.00 Friday 4th September, enter via Banksian (middle) gate and go to the hall

Y10 - 9.00 Monday 7th September, enter via the  pedestrian gate in front of reception and go to the gym.

Y11 - 9.00 Monday 7th September, enter via Banksian (middle) gate and go to the hall

Y12 - 9.00 Thursday 3rd September, enter via Banksian (middle) gate and go to the atrium

Y13 - 9.00 Friday 4th September, enter via Banksian (middle) gate and go to the atrium

During the break the school has been working hard to ensure that the site is fully compliant with the government’s Covid 19 guidance and this link gives a summary of the detailed risk assessment for students and parents. Please make yourself familiar with these important arrangements before the start of term.

I should like to draw your attention to the following:

  • Please note the start and end times of the day - as per government requirements these have had to be modified

  • Full school uniform is required 

  • All students must be fully equipped each day - the equipment shop will be in operation, but we are unable to lend equipment to students so it is best that they are fully prepared.

  • The lunchtime service will be staggered by year group and a limited service on offer

  • Face masks must be worn in communal areas of the school as per the attached document and are mandatory for entry to the Dining Hall. Please ensure your child has an appropriate face covering. Face coverings will not be worn in lessons.

  • The school has restricted the number of visitors entering the site - if you wish to meet a member of staff, this will only be permitted by appointment made in advance

  • If your child, or a member of your household is displaying Covid symptoms, please see the advice on the attached document.

  • A no-drop zone will be in operation in Lampton Avenue at the start and end of the day. We encourage students to either walk or cycle to school.

Thank you for your support as we implement these new ways of operating and we welcome students back to school full-time. We will be evaluating our arrangements weekly and will be communicating via this page any changes.

With best wishes,

Stephen Davis





Wednesday 19th August: Update for Y11 students and parents 


Year 11 Exam Results day


We are pleased that following the recent government announcement we do now have clarity that students will receive their Centre Assessed Grade (i.e. the grade the school submitted). If the 'algorithm' grade happens to be higher than that awarded by the school, the student will receive whichever grade is higher. We agree that this is a better approach: our teachers and departments worked hard to ensure that centre assessed grades were evidence-based and fair and students should be proud of the results they receive tomorrow.

We would like tomorrow to be a celebration of students' achievement, whilst at the same time reducing the risk of transmission of Covid-19. A reminder then of the plans for GCSE results day:

Only students will be allowed onto site, and students will congregate in the playground remembering to abide by social distancing expectations. Students should come into the atrium to receive their results at the designated form group time (see below). When in the atrium, students should wear a face covering. Students should also pick up their yearbook and/or leavers' hoody from Ms Mahmoud, students can also check their appointment time for their Sixth Form enrolment interview on Monday. Once students have collected their results and hoody, they should return to the playground, where there will be a photographer on hand to help capture students’ celebrations. If students require careers advice and guidance for their next steps, they should speak to Mr Hermon who will facilitate this. 

Due to the government's U-turn on the use of Centre Assessed Grades, we are now confident that the vast majority of students will be content with the grades awarded tomorrow. There are very limited grounds for appeal. Students cannot appeal the grades that have been awarded just because they are lower than wanted. Students can only appeal them for the following reasons:

  • You believe that a mistake was made by the school when they submitted your centre assessed grade(s) and/or your position(s) in the rank order.

  • You believe that bias or discrimination has affected your centre assessed grade(s) and/or your position(s) in the rank order.

  • You believe that the school has not acted with care and integrity when calculating and/or submitting your centre assessed grade(s) and/or your position(s) in the rank order.

If you have evidence of the above and wish to appeal the grades that you been awarded you will need to complete a form that can be found on the school website and send it to

We look forward to seeing our students return to site tomorrow, celebrating their success, and helping students onto the next phase of their education whether with us in the Sixth Form or onto college. 

Form group timings, which need to be adhered to strictly: 

11J - 10.00

11K - 10.15

11L - 10.30

11M - 10.45

11P - 11.00

11Q - 11.15

11R - 11.30

11S - 11.45


Sixth Form Applications


We look forward to welcoming many of our students back for Sixth Form.  If students have met the entry criteria for Sixth Form (5 grade 5s) then we look forward to seeing them for their interviews on Monday.  Students should look at the subject information pages & check the entry criteria to ensure that they will be able to enrol on their chosen courses .  If they need to find out more about the courses that we offer then they can revisit the Taster Day videos here :  

On Monday, students should attend at the times emailed out by Mrs Cooper - if they have forgotten their slot,  please see the Sixth Form sign on Results Day for the appointment times. In order to minimise risk, there will only be six interviews at any time – please can students attend with just one parent/ carer, and arrive at the appointment time.  Please can students and parents wear face masks.  Hand sanisters will be available. 

Instead of completing paper registration forms, please complete the registration documents  prior to arrival.  This form asks for information about parents and carers, as well as some parental permissions, so it is probably best completed together 

We will have a team of staff available to ensure that students receive advice and guidance on the optimal course choices. It may be necessary to amend earlier plans in the light of examination results or revised career intention.    Any student who is unavailable on this date should email me on so that we can make alternative arrangements for registration; if we have not heard from students by 12pm on Tuesday 25th August we will assume that they no longer want to fulfil their place and may offer it to another student as we expect to be oversubscribed.


Start of Sixth Form Studies


 The induction day for all students will be on Thursday 3rd September and the first day in lessons will be Friday 4th September.   


Weekly Update COVID-19 16th July



Thurs 16th July

Dear Parents/Carers and Students,

Welcome to the final website update for the last week of the Summer Term 2020.  Today we are able to share with you the arrangements for the start of the full return of students to school in September. Attached you will see the re-opening arrangement document - which includes revised timings of the school day - and which is based on the full Risk Assessment which the school has undertaken in consultation with staff and recognised Trade Unions. You can also watch a short video where I outline the arrangements and expectations for operating under the ‘new normal’. Could I ask that you take time to read the document and watch the video with your child/children so that they are fully prepared to return to school.

I do need to emphasise that school will be operating in a very different way in September and it will be the responsibility of us all to play our part for this to be  successful.

Link to the Headteacher’s guidance for students and parents on our arrangements for September 2020.

So, as we come to the end of the most challenging and extraordinary school year ever, I would like to place on record my thanks to all members of the Lampton community for their resilience and compassion. I have heard so many stories of students and staff going above and beyond expectations  in their support for each other.  It is truly a privilege to be the Headteacher of this great school community.

Please keep checking this page during the summer break for any further updates and we will publish final confirmation of the plans for September during the last week of August.

With my best wishes to you all for a safe and enjoyable summer break.

Stephen Davis

Arrangements for the start of the new term

In order to ensure a safe and orderly start to the new term, allowing students to get used to our new systems and routines, the start of the Autumn term will be slightly staggered. Please see below for arrangements:

Year 7 first day & Year 12 induction: Thursday 3rd September - Y7 to  arrive 9.45am for 9.50am start, Y12s arrive 8.55am for 9.00am start 

Years 8, 9 & 13 first day: Friday 4th September - arrive 8.55am for 9.00am start

Years 10 & 11 first day: Monday 7th September - - arrive 8.55am for 9.00am start

On the first day there will be an extended tutor period for each year group with a detailed briefing for students on the new expectations.

Email problem

We have been experiencing some problems with sending emails externally from the school servers. We understand that from our IT providers that this issue has now been resolved, but it is possible that emails either sent by staff over the past few weeks may not have been received by you, and that emails you have sent have not been received by the relevant members of staff. We apologise for any disruption this may have caused.

Results Day for Y11 & Y13 students 

Plans for A-Level results day on Thursday 13th August and GCSE results day on Thursday 20th August have been shared with students, parents and carers. Parents and carers of Y11 students should check their email for a letter sent earlier regarding the results day - if you have not received it can also be accessed here. Y13 students have been advised of arrangements for results day via Google Classroom. Mr Leggett has some advice on centre assessed grades in advance of the results day, please access here

Lockdown Lampton

Ms Kimber and Ms Annukka have curated a quite wonderful collection of reflections on the lockdown from across the Lampton School community. Please see the This Is Us post for some inspiring words from staff and students.

Advice from LB Hounslow

Got coronavirus symptoms? Get tested now.

There is a range of local testing options available to you, including a Mobile Testing Site with a mixture of walk-through and drive-through appointments available For more information, please click here.

NHS Test and Trace is an essential part of the Government’s response to stopping the spread of coronavirus and to save lives. Get tested and do your bit to protect your friends and family.

Please see leaflet below provided by Hounslow Local Authority for emotional wellbeing tips for children & families - please scroll down to the downloads section of this page.

Weekly Update COVID-19 Monday 13th July

Monday 13th July

Dear Parents/Carers and Students,

Welcome to the weekly update for the final week of the summer term 2020. As there is still a great deal of information which we need to confirm regarding the full reopening of the school in September, there will be a final update on Thursday 16th July and there will also be further updates over the summer break. Please keep an eye on this page and our Twitter feed for updates.

Full reopening for students in all year groups from the start of the Autumn Term 2020

Following the publication of the latest government guidance, the school has been working hard to plan a full reopening for students in all year groups from the start of term in September. In order to meet the requirements of this guidance and to be ‘Covid Secure’ the school will have to operate in a fundamentally different way. We will be giving you full details in our update at the end of this week, but the top level plan is as follows:

  • The school will be zoned and each year group from Y7 to Y13 will be located in a specific zone of the school for their lessons;

  • Year groups will operate as ‘bubbles’ with a maximum of 240 students in each bubble i.e. a year group;

  • The times of the school day will be modified - including break and lunchtimes;

  • In the main, students will be taught in ‘bubbles’ and their movement around the school will be minimised.

The school is also currently completing a Risk Assessment, in conjunction with Trade Unions, and a copy will be posted on this page as part of the final update this term.

For the health, safety and welfare of all members of our community the school will have to operate in a very different way and I would ask that you spend time with your child/children going over the new expectations required of us all.  

Thank you for your ongoing support at this time and we will update you further later in the week.

Best wishes,

Stephen Davis

Update for ex-Year 11 students

GCSE Results Day: we look forward to welcoming back our Year 11 students on Thursday 20th August to collect and hopefully celebrate their GCSE results. Even though students were not assessed in the usual way through formal examinations, the GCSE results are still something that students have every right to be as proud of this year as ever. The results represent the steady accumulation of knowledge and skills over the five years, and provide a useful indication of the most appropriate route forwards for students whether onwards to the Sixth Form or following college-based pathways. We will send a letter with further details to parents and carers via email. 

Update for ex-Year 13 Students

A-Level Results Day: A-Level Results Day will be held on Thursday 13th August.  This will be an important day for Y13 students, as they receive the results that will enable them to take the next steps in their ‘Life after Lampton’.  We will be sending out more information about this later in the week.  We recommend that students  keep an eye on the Year Group Google pages where we will post updates and more information nearer the time. 

Arrangements for new Year 12 students

Appointment times for Sixth Form enrolment have been sent out to ex-Y11 students.  In order to ensure that social distancing can be maintained, we have allocated all students a 15 minute slot, please encourage students to check their emails and make a note of the time.  If they have not received the email, please contact Mrs Cooper ( who will be able to help.  If students do not require their appointment  e.g. if they do not meet the entry requirements for their course or are moving away to another school, please do let us know once results are published. We will be emailing parents and carers with more information on this later in the week. 

New Year 13 update

Y12 Reports have been sent via SIMs, and Mr Bux & Miss Jackson held an online assembly to talk about the reports and plans for the summer, UCAS and beyond.  If you have not received the report, please do contact Mrs Fernandes  ( with an up to date email address

Parent/Carer Survey for Children with EHCPs

Lampton Inclusion have maintained provision for students with EHCPs during lockdown. We'd love to hear parent/carer feedback on the support received. Please take this short questionnaire - it will take less than five minutes. Thank you very much in advance, Lampton Inclusion:

Weekly Update COVID-19 Monday 6th July

Monday 6th July

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Welcome to the weekly update for the sixth week of the second half of the summer term.

The long awaited guidance from the government regarding the full reopening of schools in September for all students was published last Thursday morning. Since that time the school has been interpreting the guidance and we are putting plans in place for a full reopening from the start of the Autumn Term. We will be communicating our plans to you before term ends on 17th July, but suffice to say that school will be operating in a very different way from September onwards for the foreseeable future and this will require every member of our community to play their part in ensuring that we operate in a safe and purposeful way.

Currently we are:

  • Amending our detailed Risk Assessment of the school site to take into account the increased number of staff and students required to be on site from the start of next term
  • Evaluating a number of different organisational models to ensure that the full timetable can be delivered in a safe way and that is compliant with the government guidance.

This page and our Twitter feed will be important sources of information between now and the end of term and will be updated more frequently over the coming fortnight,  but also throughout the summer break as the situation is changing rapidly.

Thank you in advance for your support at this challenging time.

Stephen Davis

Attendance from September 2020

Please be aware that all pupils are expected to attend school from September 2020. The government has made it clear that schools will be expected to issue Fixed Penalty Fines to the parents of pupils who are not attending.

We know that some families will be considering travelling abroad for holidays over the summer break and we want to remind you to ensure that you have returned to the UK with enough time to complete the 14-day quarantine that could well be required. If your child is starting in Year 7 their first school day is Thursday 3rd of September 2020 so they would need to be back in the UK by Thursday 20th August 2020. For all other year groups, the first day is Friday 4th September 2020 and they would need to be back in the UK by Friday 21st August 2020.

If you have any concerns regarding attendance please contact Mr Hermon via email

Update from the School Council:

In an attempt to make our proceedings more accessible to students, the school council has now started an Instagram account. This account is updated regularly to notify pupils of the upcoming events and keep the followers  informed of the happenings in and around school. It is also a platform for students to voice their opinions and provide any suggestions and topics of discussions for the school council. By commenting and sharing Lampton's youth voice, school council will have a better chance to bring about an improvement in our school lives, especially now that we're all thrown off course and everything is different. To remain updated on all of Lampton School Council's proceedings please click on the link and  follow us on Instagram:

Mental Health and Wellbeing 

To help and support students with the return to school, we are completing a mental health and wellbeing survey with every year group. Students have an opportunity to share how they feel about the return and what support they would like. Also, students can offer their opinions on how the tutor time programme should be shaped after lockdown. The survey will be placed on your child’s year group Google Classroom and we would kindly request that parents and carers encourage their child to complete it. Thank you for your support. 

Safeguarding Information:

There is a risk of children and young people viewing inappropriate content in games and being contacted by adults seeking to exploit them.

This week the activity pack for parents and carers to deliver to their children explores how they can stay safe while gaming: 

Please see leaflet below provided by Hounslow Local Authority for emotional wellbeing tips for children & families - please scroll down to the downloads section of this page.

Weekly Update COVID-19 Monday 29th June

Monday 29th June

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Welcome to this week’s update for the fifth week of the second half of the summer term.

As I stated last week, there has yet to be any precise guidance from the government regarding the opening of schools for September, other than it is their intention that students in all year groups will return. I will update you as soon as possible with further detail and our plans once the government announcement has been made. 

Our primary transfer interviews took place last week with strict social distancing measures in place. This was our first parental event to be held within the new guidelines and I am pleased to report that it went very well. This can provide us all with reassurance that we are able to work effectively and safely at the current time and will assist with our planning for September.

The face-to-face support sessions for Y11 and Y13 continue to take place and it is a pleasure to see so many students in school. Again, the students’ responses to the social distancing measures and amended behavioural expectations bodes well for September.

Our thoughts have now turned to planning the exam results days in August.The  Centre Assessed Grades have been submitted to the exam boards and are subject to moderation and scrutiny by the boards and Ofqual. Students in Y13 will receive results on 13th August and Y11 on 20th August. We will update you via this page about specific arrangements for these days; they will of course have to be different than in previous years.

The link below is to a statement from the Members of the Academy Trust. Mrs Moira Stuart tendered her resignation as Chair of Trustees and Member of the Trust on 22nd June. Mrs Stuart’s association with Lampton School stretches back to 1992 and I would like to echo, on behalf of the school community, our thanks to Mrs Stuart for her commitment to the school and wish her every success for the future.

Important Statement from the Members of the Lampton School Academy Trust

Best wishes for the coming week and stay safe and well.

Stephen Davis

Sixth Form Taster Day

Today should have been the Lampton Sixth Form Taster Day.  This is normally a chance for all of the prospective Lampton Sixth Formers to find out more about the wide range of courses on offer and experience some Sixth Form Teaching.  Sadly that can’t happen in real life -  but we’ve taken it online, for our first ever Virtual Lampton Sixth Form Taster Day.  This offers students a great chance to find out more about the subjects they are thinking of studying, and to help them make the best choices.  Please do encourage your son or daughter to have a good look at the courses we have on offer and understand the requirements for each subject. Click here to find out  more -

If you want to know more about the course structure & entry requirements for each subject look here

Book return

If your son or daughter has found any Lampton School textbooks, library books or other equipment, please can they drop it into reception between 9am and 1pm from Monday 29th June to Friday 11th July.

Student reflections on Black Lives Matter

Following on from our extended assembly and tutor programme activities, students have created some creative and compelling reflections on the importance of the movement, and how we can work together to overcome racism and discrimination. Please see Lockdown Lampton for more details.

New Year 7 Parents Information Evening (Virtual)

Over the past week we have been welcoming our new Year 7 students and parents to school for induction meetings. Over 200 meetings have taken place either in person or online and we hope that these have reassured students, parents and carers about the start of school in September. 

On Wednesday we will be emailing all new parents and carers a guide to starting the school, and an email link to join our Parents Information Online on Tuesday 7th July at 7pm. Ms Mahmoud is our Head of Year 7, and if you have any questions please do email

Free School Meals

Following on from footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign, the government has promised to fund vouchers in lieu of free school meals over the summer. For more information, please see our Free School Meals page.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We acknowledge that this may be a very difficult time for young people and their families. Please encourage your child to visit the materials section of their Google Classroom Year Pages to find resources on mental health including resources from the charity Mind. There was also an assembly on Monday 29th June and it contains many helpful links so do encourage your child to watch it. 

In addition we have launched our student wellbeing board which contains lots of information and is updated regularly. The link for this can be found on your child’s Google Classroom year page. 

Our mentoring teams continue to offer 1 to 1 socially distanced appointments so if you think your child needs further specialist support from a mentor do contact your child’s Head of Year. Alternatively, your child can self refer and request an appointment - this can be done when a Lampton staff member calls home or your child can speak to their teacher when they attend lessons (for the latter - Y11 and Y13). 

Below you will also find links to various helpful charities and organisations we have been promoting with our young people: 

Make an appointment with your GP. GPs are still offering appointments even with COVID-19 restrictions – do reach out.

Look at websites such as Heads Together or Mind

Ring Childline or NSPCC 0800 1111 or visit

Childline - Worries about the World:

If you are aged 16 or over visit The Mix website –

Call Young Minds 020 7089 5050 or visit their website

Look at the Kooth website -

Shout 24 hour text support: 85258

Anna Freud - On my Mind website - Self-Care pages 

Use apps to help reduce stress and anxiety: Calm and Headspace


Weekly Update COVID-19 Monday 22nd June

Monday 22nd June

Dear Parents/Carers and Students,

Welcome to this week’s update for the fourth week of the second half of the summer term. 

Our phased reopening for Y11 and Y13 continues this week and you will see details below of how well this has gone. It has been a resounding success and my thanks to all of you for your support. We now look to September and a wider opening of our provision. At the time of writing, the government has not given any precise details other than their ambition to have all children back at school - this will be difficult to achieve under the current guidance. I hope to be able to write to you in next week’s update about more specific details for the Autumn Term. 

The government has announced funding for ‘catch-up’ and tuition, but again there is very little precise detail about this. Once this is known, we will of course inform you of our plans. The same goes for next summer’s public examinations where the government has announced that it will be holding a consultation about this issue. Currently, we must assume that these examinations will go ahead as they have in the past and Y11 and Y13 students must continue to make the most of their online learning and face-to-face support. If there are changes, we will of course inform you at the earliest possible opportunity. 

Today saw the extension of our Study Hub provision with students in Y10 in attendance. This provision will operate on a rota basis with students in Y8, 9 and 10 given the opportunity to attend between now and the end of term. Ms Kapila and Heads of Year are coordinating this and my thanks to them for doing so. Your child will be informed if they are required to attend this provision.

We have also started our Primary Transfer interviews today after school and it’s been great to meet so many new students and parents as they join the Lampton School community. Families have completed enrolment forms online prior to the meetings and have had the choice of either a face-to-face socially distanced meeting or a Google Meet. Ms Mahmoud our new Head of Year 7 is very excited to be welcoming her new year group to Lampton!

Friday 17th July - the last day of term will be an INSET day, so no online learning will be set for that day. More details to follow.

Best wishes for the start of this week and keep safe and well.

Stephen Davis


New Year 11 face to face teaching:

Last Monday we hosted our first ‘face to face’ teaching sessions for new Year 11 students. Sessions have all been led by students’ subject teacher, as we felt it was important to maintain the link between the teacher and student in order to build on the online programme set via Google Classroom. Attendance at these sessions has been around 80%, and students commented on how they felt both challenged to re-engage with GCSE content and skills, and reassured by the measures taken by the school to ensure everyone’s safety. A new timetable for the next two weeks will be sent via email later this week.

New Year 13 face to face teaching:

New 13 students have also recommenced face to face teaching.  Students are being invited in subject by subject, and in most cases will have two sessions with their teachers over the remainder of this half term.  This allows them to spend some classroom time with subject specialists.  Students have found this to be a helpful addition to the google live lessons and work set via google classroom, as it has afforded them a chance to ask questions, and understand some of the more technical aspects of the Y13 content.  We have been really pleased with the attendance and engagement of pupils throughout.

Information from LB Hounslow on COVID-19 testing:

Hounslow will be hosting a Mobile Testing Unit for coronavirus testing for residents at Grasshoppers' Rugby Club, Osterley, on Tuesday 23rd June and Wednesday 24th June 2020.

Mobile Testing Units are an essential part of the national testing programme as they offer pedestrian appointments as well as drive-through appointments.

You must register via the portal before attending a mobile testing unit and bring your 16-digit code or appointment confirmation with you on your mobile phone.

Testing site location: 

Grasshoppers Rugby Club 

Syon Ln 




Criteria for testing:

Anyone over the age of 5 who is symptomatic is now able to receive a test at one of the testing centres. You should be within the first 5 days of symptoms when you have your test, as otherwise it is not effective.

Coronavirus symptoms are: 

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss of or change to your sense of smell or taste

This test can tell you if you have coronavirus at the time the swab sample is taken. The test to tell if you’ve ever had coronavirus (‘antibody test’) is not available yet.

Book an appointment: 

Appointments are open for both Tuesday and Wednesday at Grasshoppers' Mobile Testing Unit from 8pm on Monday 22nd June via the link: 

If you would like a pedestrian appointment at the Mobile Testing Unit, please put “unknown” in the box requiring your vehicle registration number. This should allow you to continue the booking process. 

If you have any problems refer to the helpline detailed below, or you can use the 16-digit authorisation code that is sent you via SMS and go to the testing centre anytime on foot or in a car between 10.30 and 15.30 where local authority staff will help you. 

The testing centre will be operating between 10.30-15.30 on both Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Alternative testing provision 

Please note that if an appointment is not available at the Grasshoppers’ site, then the same testing criteria apply for bookings at the Twickenham testing site and they operate 7 days a week. They do however only offer drive-in appointments. 

There are also home testing kits available, bookable via the same website:

Questions or problems 

If anyone has any problems booking via the portal, please contact the National Coronavirus Testing Helpline on 0300 303 2713

Capacity for testing is limited so is released on an hourly basis; it is recommended to try at regular intervals to access an appointment.

If you are displaying coronavirus symptoms you must self-isolate for one week from the start of the symptoms, and members of your household should isolate for two weeks from the start of your symptoms. If you are showing symptoms.

If you have any questions about testing, please contact

Weekly Update COVID-19 Monday 15th June

Monday 15th June

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Welcome to our weekly update for the third week of the second half of the summer term 2020. 

Phased Reopening:

Today marks a significant event in that the school has started a phased reopening for students in Y10 and Y13. I am very pleased to report that for both year groups today has gone incredibly well, with a high number of students attending school and showing excellent levels of engagement with their work. Feedback from staff has been excellent and they have been really pleased to be back teaching their classes face-to-face. A reminder that these sessions in school do remain a supplement to the online learning programme which still needs to be followed.

Img 0803
Socially distanced Macbeth with Mr Pavey


Img 0805
Socially distanced English class






I would like to commend all students for their responsible attitudes and maturity in following the very prescriptive protocols required of them as part of our Risk Assessment. This has allowed us to keep all members of our community safe when they are on site. Just a reminder that students must ensure that they leave the vicinity of the school as quickly as possible when their sessions end.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that for safety reasons we now have a "No Drop Zone" and partial road closure in front of the school gates.

Img 0799
Closure of Lampton Avenue


Standing up against systemic racism:

Our whole school Week A assembly this morning focused upon the issue of systemic racism in society and was part of our community’s response to the killing of George Floyd in the USA and the Black Lives Matter campaign. The assembly, posted on our Google year team pages, featured inputs from staff and students about their reflections on this issue and signposted how we as a diverse and inclusive community want to work together to tackle this issue. My thanks to Ms Kapila, staff and students for their powerful contributions. All members of our school now have an opportunity to make a contribution via the Lockdown Lampton website - details have been posted on each year group’s Google page.

Online learning:

So, while Y11 and Y13 students will be receiving some face-to-face sessions, online learning remains the key focus for all year groups. Please support your child with their work and contact the Head of Year or form tutor to signpost any issues. I have been pleased to hear positive feedback about our online programme, especially about our new Y10 students who have made a good start to their GCSE courses.

Now that we have initiated some reopening, our thoughts turn to September and planning for then. As yet, there has not been any guidance published by the government, but as soon as we have information, I will inform you of our plans.

With best wishes,

Stephen Davis


Y13 Update from Miss Jackson

We were delighted to welcome the first classes of Y13 students into school today.  Students have been invited in subject by subject and most will have two sessions with their subject teachers over the course of this half term.  Mr Mullally took three sessions of 12 Chemistry students today in our socially distanced classrooms in the Sixth Form centre.  Students commented that although it was a bit strange to be back, when it all looked different, it was good to be back and have other students to bounce ideas off.  We hope that the sessions will help students with their online learning, which will continue for the majority of lessons.

Weekly Update COVID-19 Monday 8th June

Special update for Y11 & Y13 parents - Friday 12th June

In preparation for the reopening of the school from Monday 15th June, please see below for final information. At the foot of the page we also have an image gallery with photos of our socially distanced classrooms to help make clear the arrangements that in place to keep students and your family as safe as possible.


parents and students have been emailed with individual timetables. Please ensure that your child is sent to school with the correct uniform and equipment - please click here to access the protocol, and here for a video explaining the protocol. 


All relevant information has been shared via the Year 13 Google Classroom page. 


As the school is in a new phase of operation, we have an additional addendum to the child protection and safeguarding policy

No drop zone:

To help protect students returning and enable social distancing at the gate, LB Hounslow has imposed a no drop zone at the front of the school. This means that parents should not drop off their children at the front gates. For further information, please click here.

Update Monday 8th June 2020

Dear Parents/Carers and Students,

Welcome to our weekly update for this second week of the second half of the summer term. I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

I am now in a position to update you on the plans for the phased reopening of the school from next Monday, 15th June, for small groups of new Y11 (Ms Virdi’s year group) and new Y13 (Mr Bux’s year group).

First and foremost, the school has spent a significant amount of time completing a detailed Risk Assessment of the whole school site since the government made its initial announcement that there would be some opening of schools. This Risk Assessment is in line with the one issued by the  London Borough of Hounslow, to ensure that at Lampton we act in line with the rest of the local community of schools. The Risk Assessment has also been agreed by the relevant Trade Unions for staff and they are satisfied that it is appropriate.

You will see in the Risk Assessment that we have, among other adjustments:

  • Deep cleaned the school site and established an enhanced cleaning regime for classrooms being used at this time

  • Initiated social distancing requirements by establishing a small number of learning spaces which are in line with government guidance - Please see image gallery at the bottom of this page for further images of social distanced classrooms & sanitising stations

  • Img 0785
    A socially distanced classroomImg 0778 1
    Socially distanced 6th form classroom

  • Limited the number of students allowed on-site at any one time in line with the government’s guidance

  • Limited the number of students in teaching groups to a maximum of 15

  • Modified the start and end time of the day and implemented staggered start and end times for groups

  • Placed sanitiser stations in each learning space for students and staff to use on arrival and departure.

  • Img 0779
    Sanitising station

A summary of the Risk Assessment document can be accessed here.

Could I ask that you take the time to read and discuss this with your child if they are in one of the year groups affected?

Could I also ask that you reinforce to your daughter/son that attendance at school will require them to follow the guidance in the Risk Assessment fully. It is the responsibility of us all to conform to these guidelines for the safety of all members of our community. 

For example:

  • Students must attend punctually at the time stipulated for their sessions - parents/carers will receive notification of this in advance via email

  • Students must come equipped for sessions (pens, pencils, ruler etc). The school cannot lend equipment

  • Students must follow the direct instruction of staff regarding entry and exit to the site, leave the school site immediately and leave the vicinity of the school straightaway for their own safety and that of others

  • To follow the procedures on hand washing/sanitising on entry to exit to learning spaces.

I know I can count on your support in ensuring that these basic and essential expectations are followed.

We shall be sharing more detailed guidance with students during the course of this week and hosting live assemblies with question and answer sessions at the end of this week for both year groups. 

After reading the Risk Assessment, could I ask that you spend a few minutes completing the survey so that we can ascertain your opinion on these arrangements and address any concerns you may have. Please click here to access the survey.  The survey will close tomorrow (Tuesday 9th June) at lunchtime - this is so we have time to act on your feedback. Thank you.

As a reminder - for ALL year groups, online learning remains the main focus of students’ learning.

We will be updating this page and contacting parents of students in the affected year groups by email throughout this week.

My thanks to parents, carers and students in all year groups for their on-going support and commitment during these challenging and unprecedented times.

Best wishes,

Stephen Davis

Emotional support for students returning to lessons:

We have issued a letter to students in Y10 & Y12 via Google Classroom year group pages, please click on the link for further details.

Support for families and young people from LB Hounslow:

The local authority has produced these helpful sheets on local and national services to provide medical and mental health support. Please click here for information for young people, or click here for the version for families.

Families in financial difficulties:

If there are any changes to your financial situation your child may be eligible for free school meals, please click here to check the criteria. Please let the school know if you need help in terms of access to the internet and/ or a laptop. Please email for any support you may need. 

FSM voucher redemptions: 

There are a large number of vouchers that have not been redeemed.  The e-vouchers are only valid from 3 months from when you received the email.

 Here's a reminder of how you get your supermarket eVouchers.

  1. Go to website:

  2. Enter your Cheque number:

  3. Enter your Validation code:
    (You can Copy + Paste these codes)

  4. Continue and select your supermarket: Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, M&S or Waitrose (John Lewis)

  5. Select the eVouchers you wish to order

  6. Enter your contact details and click 'Submit'

  7. You will receive 2 emails, one order confirmation, and one eVoucher Email

To use your supermarket eVoucher either print it or show on your phone.


Hounslow have introduced a temporary road closure for a section of Lampton Avenue to create safe social distancing - Please find letter below

Weekly Update COVID-19 Monday 1st June

Monday 1st June 2020

Dear Parent/Carers and Students,

Welcome back to school after the half-term break. I hope you were able to enjoy the week off and are now ready for this new half-term of studies.

The government made a number of announcements related to the easing of lockdown for the country and changes related to secondary schools. I will outline these changes and signpost how they are being dealt with in the context of our school.

On Monday 25th May it was announced that:

“...secondary schools should plan on the basis that from the week commencing 15 June, they can invite year 10 and 12 pupils back into school for some face-to-face support with their teachers, subject to the government’s 5 tests being met.

We are asking secondary schools to offer this face-to-face support to supplement the remote education of year 10 and year 12 pupils, which should remain the predominant mode of education during this term for pupils in these year groups.”

And additionally: “secondary schools should ensure that only a quarter of pupils in year 10 and year 12 are in school at any one time, including vulnerable children and children of critical workers in those year groups who are still encouraged to attend full-time.”

So, it is very clear from the government that online learning remains the dominant form of provision for students in all year groups.

We are now in the process of completing our Risk Assessment of the site (which is being amended in light of last week’s announcements) so that we are able to operate safely and offer face-to-face support for small groups of Y10 and Y12 students from 15th June. The school will be contacting families of these students over the next two weeks when arrangements have been finalised. 

As a reminder from the last update:

  • For ALL year groups for the remainder of this term the main delivery of learning will continue to be via our online platforms. We will be supplementing this for Years 10 and 12 through support sessions offered in school after 15th June.

  • As a result the school has commenced preparations for a phased return of these students and is conducting a risk assessment

  • Our preparations have included: 

    • A very detailed Risk Assessment of the school site - we are using one from the London Borough of Hounslow so that we are consistent with the local family of schools. This includes provision of PPE, deep cleaning arrangements and identifying specific entrance and exit routes to the site

    • Establishing large learning spaces that meet the necessary requirements for social distancing as stipulated by the DfE and PHE

    • An audit of staff to ensure that we have a sufficient number of staff available to deliver these support sessions

    • Planning models of delivery of these support sessions for Years 10 and 12 that are in line with our Risk Assessment, will best support your child with their online learning and is in line with the government  direction that only 25% of students in the cohort are allowed to be on site on one day.

Our main priorities are to ensure that the site is safe for small groups of Y10 & Y12 to attend support sessions from 15th June, but also to ensure that all students are continuing to access their online work programme successfully.

I will update you on progress again next Monday, 8th June 2020.

In the meantime, stay safe and well and thank you for your ongoing support.

With best wishes,

Stephen Davis

New Year 7 - September 2020:

Work continues behind the scenes to ensure that our new students make a smooth and successful start at Lampton in September.  Tomorrow morning we will be emailing all new parents and carers of students starting this September: if your child is starting in September 2020 and you not received the email by the end of the day please contact the Admissions Officer, Anju Dhir, to check that the contact details that we have are correct.

 The New Canteen: 

Building works have continued on our the latest addition to the school site - our new canteen. Click on this link for the latest photos from both inside and outside. 

Safeguarding information:  

Dear Parent or Carer

Please find below links for new safeguarding and online safety materials for different year groups.

Click on the item below to reveal web address


New video for parents and carers

  • Advice on how they can keep their child safe online, including a helpful tool to support them in having the right conversations about online safety.

Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online includes:

  • Thinkuknow provides advice from the National Crime Agency (NCA) on staying safe online

  • Parent info is a collaboration between Parentzone and the NCA providing support and guidance for parents from leading experts and organisations

  • Childnet offers a toolkit to support parents and carers of children of any age to start discussions about their online life, to set boundaries around online behaviour and technology use, and to find out where to get more help and support

  • Internet Matters provides age-specific online safety checklists, guides on how to set parental controls on a range of devices, and a host of practical tips to help children get the most out of their digital world

  • London Grid for Learning has support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online, including tips to keep primary aged children safe online

  • Net-aware has support for parents and carers from the NSPCC and O2, including a guide to social networks, apps and games

  • Let’s Talk About It has advice for parents and carers to keep children safe from online radicalisation

  • UK Safer Internet Centre has tips, advice, guides and other resources to help keep children safe online, including parental controls offered by home internet providers and safety tools on social networks and other online services

Government has also provided:

End of half term update - Friday 22nd May 2020

End of half-term update: Friday 22nd May 2020

Dear Parents/Carers and Students,

As I said in the weekly update on Monday I am going to give you some more information today. In particular, I am going to give you some updates regarding the second half of this term.

As a community of schools in Hounslow we have agreed the following statement:

“In recent announcements the government has expressed the wish for secondary schools to prepare, from 1 June at the earliest, to “offer some face-to-face support to supplement the remote education of year 10 and year 12 students who are due to take key exams next year”. All of the secondary schools in Hounslow are planning with this intention in mind and all schools are certainly keen to return to normal schooling as soon as possible.

However, individual schools will be operating differently for the rest of this term and this will depend on their own assessment of risk, taking into account factors like staffing levels; site constraints and transport issues. Please do be assured that these individual school decisions are taken with the best interests of their students and staff remaining the most important consideration. In addition, schools will continue to work together to plan for the next school year learning from each other about the best way of managing learning in these challenging times.”

In recent announcements the government has expressed the wish for secondary schools to prepare, from 1 June at the earliest, to “offer some face-to-face support to supplement the remote education of year 10 and year 12 students who are due to take key exams next year”. All of the secondary schools in Hounslow are planning with this intention in mind and all schools are certainly keen to return to normal schooling as soon as possible.

However, individual schools will be operating differently for the rest of this term and this will depend on their own assessment of risk, taking into account factors like staffing levels; site constraints and transport issues. Please do be assured that these individual school decisions are taken with the best interests of their students and staff remaining the most important consideration. In addition, schools will continue to work together to plan for the next school year learning from each other about the best way of managing learning in these challenging times.” 

We are working together as a community of schools to support all Hounslow students.

At Lampton it is our intention, at the time of writing,  to begin to offer some in-school support sessions for Y10 and Year 12 from Monday 8th June. These classes will be very small and any opening of the site will be in line with Department for Education (DfE) and Public Health England (PHE) guidance together with a very comprehensive Risk Assessment from the London Borough of Hounslow. As I have said in previous updates, safety of all members of our school community is our primary concern and the school will operate only if it is safe to do so. We are taking the approach of ‘slow, steady and risk assessed’. The government’s next announcement on lockdown and safety takes place on Thursday 28th May and the result of this will determine any action with respect to a phased opening the school will take.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to respond to our parental surveys issued on Monday. The results about virtual working have been factored in to today’s INSET day. Responses related to the next half-term and a phased reopening I have attempted to answer in an FAQ section at the end of this update.

Parental Survey responses:

Thank you for the responses to our survey. A quick snapshot showed:

96%    of respondents felt the school has communicated successfully

93%    of respondents felt that we have been clear but how work is set 

These results are very good to hear and will stand us in good stead for the next phase of this journey.

In particular, my thanks to those of you who took the time to write additional comments. Those which named staff in them have been passed on to the colleagues concerned and they have been very much appreciated. In our INSET today I shared the comment below and it was very well received, so my thanks to the family concerned for taking the time to provide use with this feedback:

“We have been constantly updated regarding changes to the current schedule in school. We are so glad the hard work of my child has been appreciated and regular shout outs have been handed out. It truly motivates him. Thank you  to you & your entire team for all your hard work in providing support & education to my child. We truly appreciate it. Along with NHS workers , key workers even kudos to the entire teaching staff. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. Stay safe & take care”

Leavers’ Assemblies for Y11 & Y13: took place yesterday. Staff and students posted video messages on their Google Classroom pages to say their farewells virtually. We will, of course, be saying a face-to-face farewell when safe to do so. Our best wishes to students in both year groups who have had to endure a very tough time with the cancellation of their exams and the uncertainty which this has caused.


The focus of our INSET day today has been virtual learning so that staff can enhance even further the experience of our students. We were very fortunate to have a session facilitated by the Behaviour Insights Team about the psychology of engaging in online learning - we are one of the first schools in the country to have this session by this esteemed national organisation.

Below you will find the FAQs which I have endeavoured to put together based on your feedback and government guidance. There will be further developments over the half-term break, most notably on 28th May. I will keep you updated as much as I possibly can at this time of great uncertainty for us all.

I wish you all a restful half-term break and thank you for your tremendous support for the school at this time. 

We are all proud to be members of the Lampton School community!

Best wishes,

Stephen Davis


Frequently Asked Questions about the second half of the Summer Term 2020:
  1. My child is in Y7 & Y8, what will be the arrangements for them next half-term?

For students in these year groups online learning through Google Classroom will continue in the same way as this half-term.

  1. My child is in Y9 and will start their GCSE options on 1st June. What will happen then?

From 1st June students’ timetables will change and they will start their GCSE option subjects. This means that their teachers will change and new Google Classrooms have been set up for this. Mr Smale has shared the details of this via the year team page. Teachers have been asked to arrange Google Meets with their new classes to introduce themselves and the new courses.

  1. My child is in Y10. What arrangements will be put in place for them?

A gradual, phased return to school will begin starting with provision in English and mathematics. For the majority of the year group this will be from Monday 8th June. We will give further details after half-term.

  1. My child is in Y12. What arrangements will be put in place for them?

It is planned currently that provision of seminar style workshops will begin during the week of 8th June. Again, further details will be published after half-term.

  1. What steps is the school taking to make it safe to begin a phased reopening?

The school is currently completing a very detailed Risk Assessment document which is in line with safety guidance from the DfE and PHE. The risk assessment has been provided by the LA so that all schools are operating in a consistent way. The school is completing this in consultation with the Trade Unions that represent staff in the school.

  1. What is covered in the Risk Assessment?

The Risk Assessment covers the health and safety of the whole site and includes social distancing protocols -  for example, teaching spaces have been modified so that 2m is kept between desks. It covers the provision of PPE including the provision of sanitisers in classrooms and specified entrance and exit routes to the school site. The school’s behaviour policy will be amended to reflect the expectations required of students in line with social distancing protocols, for example arrival and departure from the site and conduct while on site.

  1. My child travels to school on public transport?

The normal times of the school day have been suspended so that students and staff will not have to travel during the peak periods as defined by TfL (i.e 0545 - 0815hrs and 1600 -1730hrs). More details of this will be provided after half-term.

  1. Will my child be safe at break, lunchtimes and lesson change over?

Students will only attend school for specified support sessions in either a morning or afternoon, so the ‘normal’ school timetable will not operate. Therefore there will not be a requirement for ‘social’ time. Students will remain in one venue while on site so no lesson changes/movement around the site will be required.

All of the school’s plans are subject to the next government announcement being made on Thursday 28th May 2020 and this page will be updated further on 1st June 2020.

21st May 2020 - Updated Guidance for Parents & Carers from DFE

Guidance for parents and carers on supporting their children’s education during the coronavirus outbreak

We have published information, guidance and support for parents and carers of children who are learning at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Guidance on helping secondary school children continue their education during the coronavirus outbreak can be found here:

Guidance on the wider opening of education and childcare settings

Guidance on the actions for education and childcare settings to prepare for wider opening from 1 June, at the earliest, can be found here:

Guidance on implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings can be found here:

Guidance for parents and carers as schools and other education settings in England open to more children and young people can be found here:

18th May 2020 COVID-19 Update

Monday 18th May

Dear Parents/Carers and Students,

Welcome to our weekly update for the fifth week of the Summer Term 2020. This has been a week characterised by a great deal of information and some confusion based on vague messages issued to schools by the Government late last Monday evening. In this week’s bulletin I would like to give members of the Lampton School community some clarity and also some reassurances.

Firstly, some clarity. The Government announcement last week stated:

 “It is for secondary schools to decide how best to supplement online learning with face-to-face provision from 1st June for Years 10 and 12”
  • Therefore it is clear that for ALL year groups for the remainder of this term the main delivery of learning will continue to be via our online platforms. We will be supplementing this for Years 10 and 12 through support sessions offered in school after half-term.

  • As a result the school has commenced preparations for a phased return of these students during the course of next half term. 

  • Our preparations have included: 

    • A very detailed Risk Assessment of the school site - we are using one from the London Borough of Hounslow so that we are consistent with the local family of schools. This includes provision of PPE, deep cleaning arrangements and identifying specific entrance and exit routes to the site

    • Establishing large learning spaces that meet the necessary requirements for social distancing as stipulated by the DfE and PHE

    • An audit of staff to ensure that we have a sufficient number of staff available to deliver these support sessions

    • Planning models of delivery of these support sessions for Years 10 and 12 that are in line with our Risk Assessment and will best support your child with their online learning

There is obviously a great deal of work required to meet the above and I will update you further later this week and publish more detail after half-term on 1st June. 

Secondly, some reassurance. As I said last week, Lampton School will only start a phased reopening for Years 10 and 12 if it is safe to do so. The Government is making a further announcement on safety on 28th May and this will determine whether our plans are enacted. We are spending a great deal of time ensuring that the school site is safe, via our extensive Risk Assessment, as we only want to have students and staff on site if it is safe to do so.

If you are a parent/carer of a Y10 or Y12 student, I would be grateful if you would take a moment and complete the survey below.

Sending children back to school survey:

So, to summarise: 

  • For all year groups online learning will continue for the remainder of this term

  • There will be supplementary support sessions for Y10 & Y12 only in school - further details to follow

  • There will only be a phased reopening of the school for Y10 & Y12 if it is safe to do so

  • The Government will make a further announcement on safety on 28th May 

So as we approach the end of this half-term my thanks to students, staff and parents for their support of the school during this very difficult time. The way people have engaged in the online programme has been tremendous and we now need to enhance our provision further to ensure that we continue to achieve excellence in the second half of the term - there are details below and please take time to complete the survey. Your feedback helps us to support the students in their achievement.

While these times are challenging, we should feel proud of everything we have achieved together as a community during lockdown.

With best wishes for this week and the half-term break.


Mr Davis


Online learning

As mentioned in the bulletin last week, in Y9 students will be embarking on GCSE courses, and Y12s will be making progress on content ready for next year’s A-Level examinations. Students in Years 7, 8 & 10 will continue with the same teachers after the half term, and progress onto new content that would normally be covered at this time of year. This way, we are trying to ensure that our coverage of the curriculum remains as full as it normally would do. Students in Year 9 have today been emailed their new timetables to mark the start of their GCSE courses, as we recognise it's important for students to commence the option subjects that they have selected.

As Mr Davis outlines, the primary way that learning will continue for all students until the end of this term in July is through Google Classroom. We now have in excess 600 online classrooms where work is taking place daily, and we continue to develop and enhance our online offer. This Friday 22nd May is an INSET (in-service training) day therefore teachers will not be setting work on Friday, nor over the half term holiday. Learning will resume online on Monday 1st June.

The focus of this Friday’s INSET day will be on staff professional development, on how to best utilise Google Classroom to deliver the curriculum in our new context. We know that staff have gone to great lengths already to transfer learning online, and as with any adoption of new technology we also know that there are always ways to keep on learning and improving our teaching, so that students make even more progress. With that in mind, we would very much value your feedback as parents / carers, this will be used to help inform the school’s next steps in enhancing our online provision. If you could please complete the survey by this Wednesday. If you have more than one child in the school, you may wish to complete additional surveys so that we can analyse the results by year group.

Online learning survey:

National Thank A Teacher Day

This Wednesday 20th May is national thank a teacher day. Please encourage your child to share their gratitude for their teachers and support staff via the website.

Safeguarding information

Hounslow’s Prevent team have issued a newsletter to help advise families on how they can better protect young people from the danger of online extremism during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please click here for further information.

Y11 Interviews & Transition Materials

As GCSE courses come to an end, the Sixth Form team will be in contact with students via Google Classroom to share some Transition Materials with them.  We suggest that students spend some time doing some research into the subjects that they are interested in studying at A-Level. 

Where students were not able to be interviewed prior to lockdown, we will be completing the interviews by telephone in the first week of next half term.   The interview will be a chance for students to talk about their progress and the study skills that they have developed over the last few weeks, as well as a chance to ask questions about Sixth Form and their subject choices. Again, we will share more information via google classroom -so please encourage your son/ daughter to keep an eye on the Y11 pages.

11th May 2020 Covid-19 Weekly Update

Monday 11th May

Dear Parents/Carers and Students,

Welcome to our weekly update for the fourth week of the Summer Term 2020. I hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

Our first update this week concerns last night’s announcement from the Prime Minister about the Government’s phased plans to move the country out of lockdown. For us as a secondary school community, there was very little certainty in the announcement other than that we continue to live in a time of great uncertainty. The PM said that there may be a possibility of secondary  schools re-opening for those year groups where students will be taking examinations next year (i.e. Y10 & Y12) before the end of this term, but that this is only a possibility - dependent upon safety and a sustained reduction in the, now familiar, ‘R Number.’ To quote the Department of Education (DfE): “Our ambition is that secondary school pupils facing exams next year will get some time with their teachers before the summer holiday.” The DfE is publishing more detailed information later today and I will update you accordingly. Let me reassure you, that Lampton School will only re-open when it is safe to do so and in line with any guidance issued by the DfE. 

So, from now onwards until there is further detail we will maintain our virtual operation - which so far has worked very successfully. Please maintain your engagement and enthusiasm - what has been undertaken so far since lockdown has been fantastic and we should feel very proud as a community of all that we have achieved together. While we may be missing our friends, our teachers, our colleagues we need to remain positive and optimistic that this lockdown will come to an end.

Last Friday’s VE Day anniversary can inspire us, that even in the darkest times people were spurred on with the thought that they would be back  together with their friends and family and life would return to normal  - they would meet again. And so shall we!

Best wishes for the week ahead and stay safe.

Mr Davis

Timetable changes 

Normally after the May half term, we progress all year groups to the next academic year, so that Year 7 become Year 8 and so on. This also means that all students would receive a new timetable, with different teachers for each class. This year, due to the challenge of learning remotely, we have decided that our current Years 7, 8, 10 & 12 will continue with their current timetable, with the same teachers. This is because we consider that it is more likely that students will learn more effectively online with teachers who they are familiar with.

The exception to this is our current Year 9. As Year 9 are due to start their new GCSE courses after the May half term, we consider that it is more advantageous for students to start their new courses, especially we know that students are keen to start studying their GCSE option choices. Mr Smale’s year group will therefore be issued with new timetables to enable students to start studying GCSE content.  Teachers will then add students to their new Google Classroom pages. 

Y10 students - GCSEPod

One of the ways that we have supported students to achieve in GCSEs is by ensuring that all students have access to GCSEPod- an online learning system with 10,000+ short videos that help to explain GCSE we have shared a video on how students can get logged onto GCSEPod. For more information on how you can support your child’s education using GCSEPod, please see this information.

Lampton Lockdown

Ms Kimber and Ms Annukka are currently documenting, sharing and celebrating the school community’s creative responses to being in lockdown. Check out the blog for more information.


Domestic violence concerns - support from LB Hounslow

The local authority is offering extended support to families where there may be concerns about domestic violence. These support services can be accessed directly, or if you prefer email to get help in making a referral. 


Safeguarding Info:  

Please find below links for parents regarding online safety information as well as materials to support mental health while in lockdown from CEOP




Child online safety during lockdown: where to report



With children spending more time on the internet during lockdown, it's more important than ever for parents and carers and their children to know the best reporting and support routes, should they be worried about something online.

Share our new ParentInfo article which signposts to reporting, advice and support services available for children and their families.


Two new Parent Info articles explore how parents and carers can support their child's mental health, and highlight things they can do to manage the wellbeing challenges of family life under lockdown:


HelpGuide have published a useful article for parents and caregivers of young people with ADHD. Families can find it here:


The National Autistic Society has published more useful guidance on their website:

Home Schooling for Families with children with SEND 

UCL have issued some suggestions on how to establish effective home schooling for children with SEND:

LGBT Community 

Stonewall have responded to the crisis and have provided reassurance that, ‘LGBT communities across the country are coming together to show each other solidarity, support and provide lifesaving services’. To help, Stonewall have published a wide selection of inclusive organisations who can support members of the LGBT community:

4th May 2020 COVID-19 Weekly Update

Monday 4th May - Weekly Update

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Welcome back to school for this third week of the Summer Term. Ordinarily, today would be Bank Holiday Monday but our Bank Holiday has been transferred to Friday 8th May to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day. Our whole school assembly led by Mr Bates today - posted on the Google Year pages - focused on our commemoration of this important event in our history, but also how from the adversity of the Second World War many of the positive elements in modern Britain arose - most notably the establishment of the NHS. We were reminded that though we are experiencing challenging times currently, they will end and indeed will bring positive outcomes for the future. As a community we need to hold onto this optimism, however challenging it may be at the moment.

To continue with this theme, the government will be making an announcement later this week about the exit strategy from lockdown. We will post on this page our response to this as soon as possible. 

For this four day week and special Bank Holiday weekend, I wish you and your families all the very best. Keep safe and well.

Mr Davis

Estimated grades for GCSEs and A-Levels

Teachers and subject leaders are currently in the process of estimating grades for students in Year 11 and Year 13. Guidance has been issued to departments on best practice to ensure that the process is holistic and fair, and any grades submitted by teachers go through a process of verification by both the Subject Leader, and the senior leadership team. 

In ordinary years, when we are concerned that students have been adversely impacted by any circumstances outside of their control, we would submit a request for special consideration to JCQ, the coordinating council for examination awarding bodies. A successful request for special consideration could result in an adjustment of up to 5% to the students’ marks (although 2% was the most common award). This year JCQ will not be running this process, however as a school we have committed to adopting JCQ’s process to the estimation of grades. If your son or daughter’s circumstance may merit a request for special consideration, then please see our guidance on how to make a request for special consideration. Applications must be submitted by students via the year group Google Classroom page, and include supporting documentary evidence.

Support for positive mental health 

We understand that the lockdown has been a challenging time for young people and families, as we adjust to the new realities of life indoors. Now more than ever, it’s important that we’re able to talk about mental health. The charity MIND has put together this short guide to how you may wish to approach discussions around mental health.


Info from LB Hounslow on domestic violence:

The coronavirus pandemic presents a new challenge for people living through domestic abuse, but support is still available in Hounslow.

Victims and survivors who are following government guidelines to stay at home may feel that they are not able to access support or escape abuse at times they otherwise would.

For anyone who feels they are at risk of abuse, it is important to remember that there is help available from various support services.

This pandemic highlights the risk of abuse that now may not be visibly seen as abusers are now at home with their victims and may only be heard. If you hear anything such as shouting or screaming that is out of the ordinary or are worried about a friend, colleague and/or neighbour please check up on them to make sure they are okay and let them now that they are not alone.  

If you are concerned about anyone at risk of domestic abuse in the community, please let them know that our specialist domestic and sexual violence service for Hounslow is still open (they can be contacted on 07810 031780 (Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) and we have developed new ways of working to support anyone experiencing domestic abuse during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Download and/or share our safety card  with friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues and for more support and advice please visit

You can show your support and solidarity to let victims know they are not alone by drawing a heart on your hand and posting this picture on your social media with the hashtag #YouAreNotAlone. Please mention @LBofHounslow  on Twitter and/or Facebook and we will share your pictures on our social media channels.  

Anyone in immediate risk of danger call 999. If it is not safe to speak then you should use the silent solutions service by dialling 999 and press 55 and the police will know this is related to a domestic incident and will be able to help you.


Info from LB Hounslow - 


The LB Hounslow has produced a card for young people, please see link.


27th April 2020 COVID-19 weekly Update

Monday 27th April 2020

Dear Parents/Carer and Students,

Welcome to the second week of the Summer Term. It was very clear from the Prime Minister’s speech this morning that lockdown will continue for the foreseeable future.

My thanks to students for their engagement with online learning and it is important that momentum with this is maintained and thanks to parents/carers for your support with this too. Last week Y9 received their GCSE option choices and Subject Leaders met to start the process of setting Centre Assessed Grades for A Level and GCSE students. I draw your attention again to the FAQs that were produced at the end of last term about this issue.

Our Study Hub is open for a small number of students and thanks to staff who have volunteered to maintain this provision.

We will be in touch next week with a further update, but until then stay safe and well.

Mr Davis

Competition winners:

As I’m sure you are aware we’ve been running weekly competitions as part of our virtual tutor time programme- the students’ work has been phenomenal! 

Last week KS3 students were tasked with writing a review of their favourite book and we were overwhelmed with how many lovely reviews we received. Our winner was Mavleen Kaur (yr9) who wrote a beautiful review of ‘The Hate U Give’.

At KS4, students were asked to reflect on the importance of taking responsibility for themselves and our winner was Nadine Uwase (yr11) who wrote a powerful paragraph on the importance of taking responsibility as you transition from childhood to adulthood.

Students can access the competitions via year group Google Classroom pages!

Up to date contact details:

Now more than ever it’s really important that we have the most up to date contact details for parents and carers. If your home or mobile telephone numbers, or email has changed please email with the new details, and name and form group of your children. 

We will be sending out reports this term via email, and so we will need an email address for every parent / carer. If you do not currently have an email address, we recommend Gmail / Yahoo / Outlook as free providers. Our Year Team PAs are also in the process of reviewing contact details, and so may be in touch to check that details are up to date.

Support for families:

If you are in receipt of free school meal vouchers, it may be helpful to know that from today vouchers may now also be spent in Aldi. If you are having problems accessing the vouchers, please email Ms Kapila

We are also aware that some families have had difficulty accessing online learning, so we have loaned all our available chromebooks to families. However, we are also working with a local charity, Hounslow’s Promise to ensure that any more families who have problems with IT access or internet provision can be provided with the necessary equipment. Please continue to email Ms Kapila if you would like any further support.

We have also reopened our study hub for a limited number of students so that social distancing can be observed. If you would like your child to attend, please contact Mr Bates

Children with SEND:

The BBC have launched a fantastic Parents' Toolkit: SEND to support families home schooling young people with SEND. It covers wellbeing, activities and learning and top tips and advice. It is entitled Parents' Toolkit: SEND BBC Bitesize and can be found here. We hope that it is useful for our families. The following resources may also be useful:

 Common Sense Media:


Keeping children safe:

The NSPCC has created a number of resources to support parents and carers during this difficult time. Topics include:

  • Talking to a child worried about coronavirus
  • Parents working from home
  • Children staying home alone
  • Lockdown and separated parents
  • How to cope with tantrums and other difficult behaviour

The advice can be found on the NSPCC website here.

As students are not allowed to socialise in person with friends at the moment, you may find that your child is spending more time on social media. Please see this helpful guide on how parents and carers can keep children safe when using social media.

As ever, if you have any concerns about your child’s safety or wellbeing, or that of any other child, please email

20th April 2020 COVID-19 Weekly Update

Weekly update
Monday 20th April

Dear Parents/Carers and Students – welcome back to the first day of the Summer Term 2020. I hope that you were able to have some rest and relaxation during the Easter break in spite of the current lockdown situation.

Below you will find information regarding:

  1. School re-opening i.e. there has been no date set. Thank you for your support with the virtual school learning programme and therefore this will continue for the foreseeable future.
  2. Feedback from our survey issued at the end of last term and the changes initiated as a result of the feedback.
  3. Details of the ‘Study Hub’ which will be reinstated from Thursday this week. As was the case previously, this will only operate for those students for whom there is no other, safe alternative.

For information, it was confirmed at the end of last week that examination results days will take place on 13th August for ‘A’ Level and 20th August for GCSE.

In our virtual whole school assembly this morning I shared the story of Capt Tom Moore who has inspired so many by his sponsored walk – 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday – and raising over £26 million. As Capt Tom says when interviewed: ‘the dark days will be over and the sun will shine again’. He is now also a top ten recording artist with his cover of “You’ll never walk alone” achieving number 1 in the download charts. The song reminds us that though we are not together physically as a school we are still the Lampton School Community and not walking this journey alone – we are still here for each other.

My best wishes to you and your families.

When will schools reopen?

 There has been a lot of speculation in the media over the weekend about when schools may reopen. In response, the Secretary of State detailed five tests that the country would need to meet before schools could get “back to normal”. These are:

  • First, we must protect the NHS’s ability to cope and be sure that it can continue to provide critical care and specialist treatment right across the whole of the UK.
  • Second, we need to see the daily death rates from coronavirus coming down.
  • Third, we need to have reliable data that shows the rate of infection is decreasing to manageable levels.
  • Fourth, we need to be confident that testing capacity and personal protective equipment (PPE) are being managed, with supply able to meet not just today’s demand, but future demand.
  • And, fifth, and perhaps most crucially, we need to be confident any changes we do make will not risk a second peak of infections.

The Secretary of State was clear that we can think about getting more children into schools and colleges again only when the country has met these five essential points. He committed to working with the sector to consider how best to reopen schools, nurseries and colleges when the time is right.

Our working assumption is that it will not be feasible for schools to reopen before the May half term, and teachers are planning the curriculum on this basis. If the situation changes, we will of course let you know.

Changes to our online learning provision for this half term

Many thanks again for your feedback on the teaching programme since our move online. We have relayed your feedback to staff, and issued new guidance for staff to help ensure that students are provided with challenging, engaging and achievable learning.

Please see below for a summary of feedback to parents, and our response.

You said
We did

You found the way that we were communicating with you helpful and supportive

We will continue to share information with you through the dedicated page on our website


We have also invited parents of students in Y7-11 to receive daily or weekly summaries of work set on Google Classroom.

You welcomed staff contacting you to see how pupils were getting on

Our staff will continue to contact you once every two weeks to see how your child is getting on.

You were worried that some pupils’ engagement might drop off if the school continues to be shut

Staff will monitor pupils’ engagement and support pupils who are not completing the work that has been set


Teacher will provide pupils with feedback so that they know how well they are doing.

Sometimes pupils were overwhelmed with the work that they had been set.

Teachers will not set homework in addition to classwork.


Work will be set in manageable chunks and information on how long the task should take to complete will be provided.


Google Classroom guardian notifications

The most significant change to teaching and learning for this half term is our shift from Show My Homework to Google Classroom only. This means that all students from Year 7 to Year 13 will be using the same platform, and our Key Stage 3 students will be better able to receive feedback on their learning.

We are also in the process of inviting parents and carers to receive email notifications. All parents / carers of students in Y7-9 have now been invited, and we will then proceed to invite parents / carers of students in Y10-11. You should receive an email invitation from Google Classroom, so click Accept, our recommendation is then that you choose to receive Daily notifications. This will announcements from teachers, upcoming Classwork deadlines, and a record of work completion. If you have not received an email by the end of the week, this may because we do not have your most up to date email address. If you need to update your email, please email Anju Dhir

Lampton Study Hub

Our Study Hub will return from Thursday onwards, and parents / carers of eligible students have been contacted. There are a limited number of places available to ensure that social distancing measures can be observed as far as possible.

Support for families

We have been working with the Government’s Free School Meal voucher provider to ensure that all students who are ordinarily eligible for Free School Meals receive electronic vouchers. Please see our new Free School Meal Support page for further information.

You may also have seen information on the government’s pledge to provide a laptop for every ‘disadvantaged’ student in Year 10 to help minimise disruption to education. We will continue to engage with the DfE to ensure we can access this programme as soon as possible. In the meantime, if your child is unable to access online learning, please do email Ms Kapila

We have now created a separate webpage to answer all your questions regarding GCSE & A level grades in 2020
Please follow this link

3rd April 2020 COVID-19 Update

Friday 3rd April 2020


An end of term reflection for all members of the Lampton School Community from Mr Davis


There are decades when nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen”


At the end of this Spring Term it certainly does feel that over the last few weeks more than a decade of events has happened. None of us would have thought when we came back to school in January that the nation would be in lockdown, the school would be shut for the foreseeable future, public examinations cancelled and Lampton operating as a ‘virtual’ school.

Out of adversity hope arises – and the Lampton School community has certainly shown that it is able to deal with challenges. I have been overwhelmed with how well we have adapted to our new way of working – the year team Google pages just show the amazing engagement students and staff have shown at this very challenging time. The excellent responses to our parental survey last week reinforced the positive relationships between home and school. Once again, my congratulations to you all and also my gratitude for the way you have all supported each other and the school.

We now move to the school holiday – a very odd one in that the country remains in lockdown and many of the things we normally enjoy during a school holiday period are not possible. However, this holiday gives us all a chance to rest, relax and reflect on the last very busy few weeks and, more importantly I think, to start to plan for the future. This national crisis will end and when it does we will all be able to get back to our normal routines. So, take stock on what you have achieved in these last few weeks of being part of a virtual school and set yourself goals for what you want to achieve as a virtual learner when the new term starts and also goals you wish to achieve when we are all back together as a school community in person.


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement”

Helen Keller


So even in these challenging times, remain optimistic and focus on achieving the very best – remember our school values of excellence, respect and integrity. Strive to achieve the very best standards possible; respect yourself and each other; and show integrity by doing the right thing.

I wish you and your families a restful break. Stay optimistic and stay safe.

Mr Davis


The Summer term – communications

The last few weeks has been a frenetic time, as we scrambled to respond to the latest developments, and endeavoured to keep staff, students and parents fully aware of both the national picture and the school’s response. In the new term, we will be communicating at least once a week to parents via our Covid-19 page and we will continue to send a text message reminder once the page is updated. If there are any more urgent items, we will continue to send out a text message to alert you to updates on our website.

Lampton School response to Ofqual guidance on Summer 2020 GCSE & A-Level grades

How will the school decide on my grade?

The guidance is clear that schools should base their judgement on ‘the full range of available evidence when they grade students - including non-exam assessment; the results of any homework assignments or mock exams; and any other records of student performance over the course of study.’  For Y13 students, this may include your AS grades.

What does this mean for my study programme now?

When the school closed on 20th March departments were still in the process of teaching the entire course, and your teachers will be submitting estimates based on completion of the entire course. It follows that Y11 & Y13 teachers will continue to set work until the May half term, and your engagement with the study programme is important to both give teachers’ the most comprehensive insight into your subject knowledge, skills and communication in all aspects of the syllabus.  In line with the government guidance, teachers will not however be attempting to set summative assessments to formally ‘examine’ students during this time. Teachers will though continue to assess your learning to give you feedback to help you improve your subject knowledge and skills.

Why should I continue to engage in the study programme?

Perhaps a more important reason to remain fully engaged in the study programme is to bear in mind that you don’t just come to school to pass examinations. What you are learning is also important in its own right: ‘knowledge is power’ and the ability to think, talk and write like a scientist or mathematician is the product of your meaningful engagement in the study programme. It’s also important to note that A-Level and any other post-16 qualifications build directly on subject knowledge and skills at GCSE, and so by continuing to engage you are helping to ensure your future success. Similarly for Y13 students, university courses will require a high level of competence from your A-Level courses. A further consideration is that if you are not content with your grade awarded in the summer, the government has made clear that you will have an opportunity to resit in the Autumn. This will again require your knowledge and skills across the whole course. 

What if I’m unable to complete any further work?

If since the closure of the school there are circumstances outside of your control, such as falling ill, or caring responsibilities that have prevented you from completing your study programme, you should notify your Head of Year via email. Your Head of Year will then liaise with your subject teacher, and Subject Leader, to ensure that they are aware of your circumstances so that you are not disadvantaged in any way.

If you are having problems accessing the study programme due to insufficient IT resources, then please email Ms Kapila as we are continuing to arrange IT provision for students.

Can I speak to my teacher to ask them to raise my grade?

We have instructed teachers not to engage in any discussion with students or parents about any grades that they may be estimating for students. Teachers will be working with colleagues in departments to make objective judgements when estimating grades.

When will I be told what my grade is?

The guidance is very explicit that teachers may not disclose the grade, or the ranking, that they have estimated for students. Teachers are not in a position to ‘determine’ grades, merely to ‘estimate’ the grade - all grades submitted will be in effect standardised by the awarding bodies - so teachers will not know your final grades until you do! 

What does this mean for my Non-Exam Assessment?

The guidance makes clear that your NEA marks will not be formally submitted to the exam board.  However, your performance in the NEA or what you have completed thus far, will be a significant source of information that teachers use to submit your estimated grade. It is therefore important that you follow any instructions on submitting your work to your class teachers, to help provide evidence for your estimated grade. If there is a chance that you will want to enter a later set of exams, you should keep your NEA work in a safe place for submission then.

What about BTEC and other qualifications?

Unfortunately the guidance does not cover BTEC and other technical and vocational qualifications. The guidance states: ‘While this process does not apply to those qualifications, the same aims apply. We are working urgently to develop an approach and we will provide further information as soon as possible. We will let students and parents know once we have received such guidance from Ofqual. 

Will I get a chance to ‘appeal’ my grades?

We are awaiting further guidance on this, but so far we have been told you will only be able to appeal if you think Lampton have not correctly followed the guidance from Ofqual.  If you disagree with the grade given on results day you will have the chance to enter the Autumn exams.

Can I retake in Autumn?

Yes - but we don’t know the dates or process for this yet - this is why it is so important that you complete your courses and familiarise yourselves with the exam papers and questions and the skills required to answer them.

When will I get my results?

The guidance states that there will be a Results Day - it just may not be on the date you expected in August.  We are awaiting further guidance.

Will I be disadvantaged in the long term by not sitting examinations?

No.  The government has committed that no student will be disadvantaged by the exam arrangements this summer.  Your grades will be worth the same as any other year.

The only disadvantage you will face is if you don’t complete your course and have to resit or want to progress to further study without “a complete programme of study” 

Will universities accept these grades?

Yes, they will accept the grades as they would in any other year. 

Practically, there may be students who given this guidance will ‘check out’ before the end of their courses. To avoid this, when planning lessons for the final five weeks, we should ensure that the emphasis is on engaging and stimulating students - working with, as opposed to students feeling ‘done to’. Students should be encouraged and supported to see that continuing their studies is in their best interests. There may be some students who do not engage with us, don’t unduly focus on these students - give your best attention to the students who want to study.

For the letter to students, see here:

For the full guidance see here:

Support available for families financially affected by coronavirus

The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) provides grants for essential items, for children (0-18yrs) and wants families to get in touch at this time. If the parent or carer works / has previously worked in a high street fashion retailer, fashion clothing company, supermarket that sells clothing, carpet store, knitwear, footwear, bridalwear, dry cleaners and many other related roles, their grants can pay for essential items that children need. (Grants are considered regardless of whether the parent / carer has been furloughed) 

Here’s what the charity can help to pay for: The charity can cover the cost of essential items such as clothing, laptops or tablets for home schooling, bedding and other household essentials, including white goods. If a child has a disability or additional needs, their grants can also help to support with mobility equipment, sensory toys, therapies and more.  Their grants are not a loan and do not need to be re-paid.  

Please note: the charity is not able to support with grants for food / household bills, nappies etc, but they are definitely worth contacting to ask for support the parent may need now and in the coming months for other essential items for children, to help out at home, with additional costs families may now be facing. 

Barbara, one of the parents supported with an FTCT grant said“You have nothing to lose but something to gain. It’s more than just things you’re applying for, getting that grant and knowing you have provided for your child is worth so much more."  

For more information, please go to their website: 

2nd April 2020 COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Daily Update from the Headteacher Thursday 2nd April 2020

I know that parents and carers are anxious to hear the announcement from Ofqual that was promised at the start at the week, about the process for determining GCSE and A-Level grades this summer. We are also very keen to hear this, and hope to be able to include this news in tomorrow’s update. Tomorrow marks the end of the term, and so in keeping with our usual practice we will close our ‘Virtual School’ at lunchtime to help give everyone a well-deserved break.

Access to IT

Hounslow Promise is a local charity currently in the process of securing laptops from IT companies to lend to school children in Hounslow. We have 30 laptops provisionally allocated to Lampton students. If your child currently has no access to a laptop or PC, or severely limited access to multiple children requiring IT access, please email Ms Kapila to express an interest in participating in the scheme. Please also indicate whether you would need a WIFI dongle to access the internet. We will then prioritise students by need and get in touch with you.


For parents of students with SEND:

Are you a parent or carer with a child with Special Educational Needs and Disability? This is a fantastic article to guide you through home learning.


Domestic Violence:

If you, or anyone you know is worried about domestic abuse or violence, please refer to this advice from the local authority on support available. It can be found following this link to our safeguarding page


Today's Thursday, so it's Clap for Our Carers later at 8pm - a great opportunity to show gratitude for NHS staff and other key workers keeping us safe. There's so many good reasons to show gratitude - not least because showing gratitude is good for us too as individuals - taking a moment to reflect on what we're thankful is really helpful to protect our mental health. So today, find something to be thankful for... perhaps even one of your teachers who've gone out of their way to help you?

Clap for Our Carers

Guardian Video on Gratitude

Thank a Teacher Nomination Form

1st April 2020 COVID-19 Update



Google Classroom for Key Stage 3

Following on from the staff and parent surveys, following the Easter break we will be moving all our ‘Virtual School’ learning onto Google Classroom. This means that as of Monday 20th April, we will no longer be using Show My Homework. We have found that Google Classroom offers a lot more functionality to engage students at this time, and crucially it allows teachers to give more scope to assess students’ learning.

If you have a child in Years 7, 8 or 9 by Friday you will receive an email from Google Classroom that offers a summary of your child’s completion of assignments. At the foot of this email, you can access ‘SETTINGS’ to decide whether to receive a daily or weekly email. If you prefer not to receive any emails at all, please email your child’s Head of Year.


Year 11 Reports

This evening we were due to host our second Year 11 parents evening of the year, and so we would have used this opportunity to pass on Year 11 students’ pupil progress checks – containing students’ Pre Public Examination grades in core subjects, current grades and tutor reports. Because of the closure of the school site, we will now send these out electronically instead. As this is a new system, and due to the confidential nature of the data contained, we will need to take a few days more to ensure our new email system works effectively. We are attempting to email these out on Friday, but if not they will be sent out on Monday. 


Updated Department for Education guidance

The DfE have updated their information for parents and carers to include a section on keeping children safe online. It provides links to online resources that will help support parents and carers in keeping their children safe online.

Full details can be found in section 6.3 of the guidance for parents and carers on the closure of educational settings.


Useful websites:

The wellbeing charity Action for Happiness has some suggestions for ‘active coping’ activities for April.

The National Domestic Abuse charity have a helpline  available 0808 2000 247 and website 



"The coronavirus has turned our lives upside down and, although we hope to return to some version of normality in the coming months, it is probable that nothing will quite be the same again... But amid the darkness, there are also opportunities."

Take some time today to reflect on the ways that this period of intense disruption has made you challenge your assumptions about the world, your daily habits (good and bad) and to consider once we return to normality - what will be different about you?

Click here for full news story

31st March COVID-19 Update



Many thanks to those families who responded to our parental survey issued on this page last Friday. As a result, the Senior Leadership Team have analysed responses and will be giving feedback via this page by the end of this week. Thank you to all families for their support during this time of working remotely.


Safeguarding update:

In light of the closure of the school site, we have added an addendum to our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy. The most significant development relates to the use of webcams during any online learning conversations with teachers. In summary, we have advised teachers to avoid any 1:1 video conferencing conversations with students. When using video conferencing with a class or group of students, this needs to through the school’s Google Hangouts / Meet package, and students need to turn off their own webcams and use audio only. Teachers will also use the record function on these conferences.

As previously advised, if you have any safeguarding concerns about your child or any other student, please get in touch


Writing competition

To help maintain our Lampton Community, we will be publishing 'tutor time' resources to each year group. Each week we will have a different focus with a different competition: this week we will be exploring how students have found the last few weeks and running a 'Creative Writing' competition with years 7-11! Students can submit a letter, diary, story or song about their experience of the effect that Coronavirus has had on their lives. We're excited to see the talent that our students have to offer and will even be offering £20 Amazon vouchers for our most creative entries.


Learn a new language!

Rosetta Stone offer high quality online language courses, and for the next three months they are available completely free of charge. A great opportunity to learn a range of languages from Arabic to Vietnamese, click here for more information.


And for a final thought from Prince EA, click here

30th March COVID-19 Update


Many thanks to everyone who completed our survey on our provision for students over the past week. Your comments are highly valued, and will together with feedback from staff and students help to inform our work programme for students following on from the Easter holidays. We have also issued further clarification today for staff to help ensure that students are not overwhelmed by the amount of work that they need to complete. If you have any further feedback about the study programme, please do contact your child’s Head of Year.

Today marks the start of the final week of a most unusual Spring Term. Therefore the last day of term in this Friday 3rd April, and so as you would expect there will be a break in the work programme for the next two weeks (Monday 6th April – Friday 17th April inclusive).


Keeping Children Safe during the COVID-19 crisis:

We remain committed to safeguarding children throughout the period of school closure, and we are currently reviewing our safeguarding policy to ensure that our policies and practices are sufficiently robust in this new situation. The full guidance can be accessed here. We will be working through this guidance and creating an addendum to our Child Protection policy, and will be share this with parents and carers via these updates.

Furthermore, we recognise that during this crisis, there may be a significant impact on the mental health of children and families. The Department for Education has recently published guidance that may be helpful for parents to refer to.

 If you have any specific concerns about your child’s mental health, wellbeing or safety, please do contact the Safeguarding team via email

Cancellation of GCSE and A-Level examinations:

The Department for Education has shared some further clarification around the decision to cancel GCSE and A-Level examinations. We expect a further announcement later this week on the process that schools should follow to determine any estimated grades, and will share this with you as soon as this has been published. In the meantime, it’s important that students continue to engage with their work programme, as teachers will be continuing to assess students on their knowledge, skills and communication.

A thought for the week ahead:

Students are like footballers now- just because there are no games doesn't mean they stop training! You are all now in the same position as professional footballers!

All football activity has been suspended until further notice, but players have been told to remain professional and to follow their training programmes for however long they may be isolated.

Les Ferdinand, Director of Football at Queens Park Rangers, has this to say:

"We have given specific training and nutrition programmes to the players. We keep reiterating to the players ‘this is not a holiday, this is not a break.' Unfortunately, you are not allowed to come into the training ground but you are professional athletes. You need to keep yourself in condition to be able to hit the ground running again. We all know that if you are off for a certain amount of time, at the end of the season, when you come back you will need a six-week period to get yourselves back up to speed. But this is not a period where we have said ‘go home, put your feet up and relax’.

The players are expected to do something every day to keep themselves ticking over so when we do go back in, we will have missed a couple of games but they shouldn’t need a full pre-season to resume playing football again. We’ll test them when they come back and hopefully they realise they need to be professional enough to take it on board."

You need to be as professional as you can be by continuing to study.

Although we can't imagine this right now, we will eventually return to some kind of normality. We don't know exactly when that will be, but it will happen, and we must remember this because it gives all of us a reason to keep going and look forward to the future.

Mr Davis

27th March COVID-19 Update



As we complete the first full week of operating as a ‘virtual school’, we would like to seek feedback from parents on your views of the effectiveness of our provision. It seems likely that we will be operating as a ‘virtual school’ for some time after the Easter holidays, and so we will need to plan to ensure that our online provision is as effective as can be. We will then update parents on any changes to be implemented from Monday 20th April via these updates next week. If you have children in different year groups, if you could please complete one per child so that we have an accurate picture of any variations in parents’ experience by year group. Please see the link for the form, the survey will remain open until Monday evening. Thank-you in advance for your help, and have a restful weekend.



Update from Ofqual re GCSE and A-Level Examinations:

Yesterday Ofqual, the exams regulator, issued an update on how it will ensure that students receive qualifications this year. We have shared the guidance below, and will continue to keep you updated as we receive more information. Please be assured that we have robust systems in place to ensure the accuracy of teacher assessments:

“We are rapidly working up plans to implement the arrangements the Secretary of State for Education has set out for exams this summer and, with exam boards and teaching bodies, are making considerable progress.

Students understandably want reassurance, and teachers urgently need to know what to do, and when. We expect to publish detailed information about the process and timetable which will apply this summer next week. This will include the steps we would like teachers to follow and more detailed guidance on how to consider the full range of evidence they will have available when submitting their assessment grades. We are talking to teaching representatives to make sure that what we are planning is manageable and appropriate, so that students, parents, carers and teachers can have confidence in the approach.

We will outline by Easter the process we will follow to make sure grades are fair across schools and colleges, as well as our proposals for appeals. We will also say more as soon as possible about the arrangements for additional exams in the new academic year.

We want to reassure students waiting for news that we are doing everything we can to make sure they are not disadvantaged by these unprecedented circumstances.”


Free School Meal vouchers:

A reminder, if your child is normally in receipt of free school meals, and you are experiencing hardship, please contact Ms Kapila who is coordinating the release of ASDA vouchers for the duration of the school closure. Ms Kapila can be contacted at


Message to all students from Mr Davis:

Dear All – Today marks the end of the first week that we have operated as a ‘virtual school.’ Just a couple of weeks ago, none of us had even thought that the school would be closed and the whole of our country placed in lockdown. As a result, we have all had to made massive changes to our lives in a very short period of time.

I would like to congratulate all of you for your engagement in our on-line work programme and how well you have adapted to the momentous changes we have been through in this short period. I am proud of you all. Well done!

We will be reviewing our on-line programme next week based on feedback which you have given to your teachers when they have contacted you. Thank you for your honest feedback – these are unprecedented and challenging times, so we need to work together to achieve the very best and have a work programme that supports you all.

I would also like to congratulate all of your teachers and support staff – they have worked really hard in a short period of time to produce resources and also keep in touch with you. Your families too have been great a support as we have had to make this transition to learning on-line so swiftly.

In the weeks ahead you need to maintain your engagement with the work programme, support your family and friends and very importantly follow the advice of the Government to make sure that this virus is beaten: “Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives.”

Finally, these times are very challenging for us all but we must do our very best to remain positive. As the US Poet Maya Angelou said: “You may not control all of the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

Stay strong, stay safe and be healthy.

Mr Davis

26th March COVID-19 Update


Transferring our learning online has represented a steep learning curve for both staff and students, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for their instrumental role helping to ensure that our students remain engaged, focused and productive. We are going to keep to our learning programme under review, and will be consulting with parents next week about your experiences of online learning. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your son or daughter’s learning please do contact their Head of Year in the first instance.

Safeguarding at home:

Recently concerns have been raised about students’ safety online when using the popular ‘Houseparty’ app. For a full guide for parents on the app, please see below:


Resources for students who speak English as an additional language:

Ms Bridge, our Literacy Co-ordinator and Head of EAL, has kindly put together some resources for students who speak English as an additional language, and their families. This also includes information on the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of languages. Please see the link for further information:


Resources to help protect mental health:

Simone Daniels, our school based counsellor, has coordinated some resources that may help students and families at this time:

We are all experiencing loss of the lifestyles we once knew and this loss will be affecting people in different ways.

It’s good for people to know whatever they are feeling, it is normal and there are also ways to manage this: iscomfort-youre-feeling-is-gri ef?fbclid=IwAR2DYrHEeC0uFEbgRv VZuveRI1Tszb_pfy3HXcyZnrM3YqKj rrALLu8XK24

Below is  health advice from: who are also available to offer support for anyone under 25 wanting to talk -  this site is especially informative and helpful for Sixth Formers: your-body/using-health- services/coronavirus-health- advice-you-can-trust-35701. html

Here are 5 activities to pass the time, have fun and reduce stress:

1. Start a film club with friends -each person gets to choose a film. 

If possible you can watch it at the same time (like a virtual cinema trip!)   and then discuss via phone or video call afterwards 

2.  Make a short film of your experiences. capture this moment in history you can ask different members of your family to share their experiences too

3. Keep a journal - it’s a good way to process your thoughts and feelings so they do not become overwhelming 

4. Write a letter to your future self. You might want to include all the plans and dreams you have for the future when all our lives go back to normal! 

5. Release some endorphins known also as the ‘happy’ hormones. Dance to your favourite music or design a daily 30 minute keep fit programme for you or your whole family! 

A reflection for students and families:

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." Voltaire​

As our lives have been turned upside down over the past few weeks, with so many of our past certainties disappeared and our future plans disrupted, it may seem like an odd time to pause and reflect on the ways in which we may be fortunate. But at a time like this, it's even more important than ever both for our own mental health to show gratitude for that which we have. It may be something small, like being able to spend more time with a brother or sister, or having the time to learn or read something new. Even at a time of great anxiety, we have the ability to shape the way we perceive a situation - look at the day ahead through the lens of what you can do, not what you can't.

And at a time when so many people are being so selfless in going out of their way to care for others, often putting themselves at significant risk to their own physical and mental health, it's even more important to show gratitude. So to thank those who have are at the front line of this crisis, especially our NHS staff, join the Clap for our Carers event at 8pm this evening - see below for more details:

25th Macrh COVID-19 Update from the Headteacher


With the closure of the school site, our focus now is on sustaining our curriculum through home learning, whilst also as far as we can maintaining the wellbeing of our students, families and wider community. We will therefore use these daily notices to keep you up to date with all aspects of the school’s work, and to bring to your attention other resources that may be of assistance.

Accelerated Reader programme – Year 7-10

During the normal school day, we would ordinarily expect students in Years 7-10 to read a book of their own choice as part of the school Accelerated Reader programme. This is both to promote the habit of reading for one’s own pleasure, to help students deepen their knowledge of their world and widen their vocabulary. Now that students are working from home, we are very keen to promote the continuation of these habits. Mr Kurim-Bux is daily sharing a new engaging article on Google Classroom for students to read. At the end of the reading, students should complete the short comprehension quiz to test their understanding. Your son / daughter should be able to show you once they have submitted this via google classroom. The articles and quizzes are added at 9am each day, and should be submitted by 3pm.

Amazon – free online books and audio stories for all students.

Amazon today cancelled the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the link below.

Clap for our carers:

At these challenging times there are also many stories of people going the ‘extra mile’ and working to support members of the community. Tomorrow there is an opportunity for us all to show our appreciation to those who are caring for us at this time. “Clap for our Carers” takes place tomorrow at 8pm.

From BBC Newsround: People in the UK are being encouraged to take part in a huge round of applause to show their appreciation for all those working in the NHS. 

The Clap for our Carers campaign is asking for as many people as possible to clap their hands together on Thursday 26 March at 8pm to thank all doctors, nurses, carers, GPs, pharmacists and other NHS staff working hard to help those affected by the coronavirus

People across the UK can clap from their gardens, front doors, and balconies to show their support. 

Free School Meal vouchers:

A reminder, if your child is normally in receipt of free school meals, and you are experiencing hardship, please contact Ms Kapila who is coordinating the release of ASDA vouchers for the duration of the school closure. Ms Kapila can be contacted at

Thought for the day – each day we are sharing with students a few words on the current situation, to provide encouragement, insight, and sometimes a moment of reflection. These are shared on Google Classroom, and we will also share with parents and carers daily through these updates.

A reflection for students and families:

Are you feeling anxious at the moment? Are others in your house? Is this getting you down?

At an unprecedented time like this, with so much uncertainty, it is natural to be worried about what's going to happen to us and our families. In fact, if you're not feeling anxious, then this would in a way be more worrying. If we fear something, then we're more likely to take firmer measures to change our habits and routines. As First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon said recently 'Life should not feel normal.' So our anxiety has an upside to, as the more we take protective measures the less the virus will spread, and the sooner we can return to our normal lives.

However, sometimes our anxiety can become overwhelming. There are strategies we can use to help. The short story from Carol Grey may help with younger brothers or sisters to make sense of the situation, while the article from the Guardian discusses how you can think about your thinking (metacognition) to help manage your thoughts and feelings. Even if we can't do anything about the high degree of uncertainty around us, there is lots that we can do to help manage our response to it.

24th March COVID-19 Update from the Headteacher


Following last night’s announcement from the Prime Minister, the Study Hub which operated yesterday has been suspended until further notice. Families who used this facility yesterday have been contacted and have made alternative arrangements for their children.

Therefore, with effect from today – Tuesday 24th March 2020 – the school site is closed until further notice to students and staff.

Moving forward, you child should continue to access work remotely via SMH (Years 7 -9) and Google Classroom (Y10-13). Subject staff, Heads of Year and SLT are monitoring that your child is accessing work – please support us with ensuring that your child’s day is structured and that they are accessing the work programme. This will help them once they return to school.

At this time I also urge all members of our community to follow the guidance issued by the Government:

In short:

You should only leave the house for one of four reasons:

  • Shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible.
  • One form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household.
  • Any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person.
  • Travelling to and from work, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home.

These four reasons are exceptions - even when doing these activities, you should be minimising time spent outside of the home and ensuring you are 2 metres apart from anyone outside of your household.

The full text is here:

By behaving in a responsible way and following this guidance we in the Lampton School community will be doing our bit in supporting the country to deal with this terrible virus.

With regard to Free School Meal provision please refer to the text message that was sent today to eligible families.

At this difficult time please support each other in our school community and I look forward to the day when we are all back together as a school. Until then, stay safe, follow the guidance and stay healthy.

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” – Victor Hugo.
Passwords reminder:

If your child is having any problems accessing any of our remote learning platforms (e.g. Show My Homework, Google Classroom, Kerboodle, GCSEPod etc), please email Ms Hampton to reset passwords, or for reminders of usernames.


Despite the closure of the school site, our safeguarding arrangements remain in place. If you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing or safety, or that of any other student in the school, please contact the safeguarding team

Support for students with ASC:

Does your child have a diagnosis of autism and is finding the many changes difficult? If you would like additional help, please see the borough directory and contact the National Autistic Society Helpline on 0808 800 4104. Carol Gray has also released a Social Story to help children with autism understand more about coronavirus - it can be found here:

23rd March 2020 - COVID-19 Update 15.30pm

COVID-19 Headteachers Update Monday 23rd March 2020 - 15.30pm

As today will be the first day of ‘working from home’ for our GCSE, A-Level and BTEC students, we hope that your child has been able to strike the right balance between maintaining their learning programme whilst also taking time look after themselves, and your families during what is an unprecedented and difficult time.

We hope that your child has found resources on Google Classroom and Show My Homework useful to enable their learning. A reminder that for our Y7-10, the Accelerated Reader programme continues apace, with a new article and quiz appearing on their year group Google Classroom page.

Please see below for a number of updates on various issues.

  1. The ‘Study Hub’

Today has been the first day of our ‘Study Hub’, open for the children of key workers and other students who may potentially be vulnerable. In line with government guidance, and due to the risk from the spread of COVID-19, this is a ‘last resort’ option for parents who have no viable alternative childcare arrangements. It follows that where a parent is a key worker, and another parent is not, that the parent who is not a key worker assumes childcare responsibilities. This is because despite our efforts to ensure social distancing in the Study Hub, government guidance is clear that children, their families and wider society are safer at home at this time. 

  1. Tutor check-in

I know that our tutors have started today calling home to check in you and your children. Please be aware that due to safeguarding rules, tutors will need to have withhold their number when calling. If you would rather not be called with a withheld number, please email your child’s Head of Year who will ask the tutor not to call home.

3. Health advice for young people

The School Nursing Services is launching ChatHealth. It is a text service for 11-19 year olds to use if they have any questions relating to their health - this could be about nutrition, exercise, wellbeing or emotional and mental health. The number is now live:


This is open from 9:00am-4:30pm and students can expect a response from this within 24 hours, it is not an emergency service. If the concern needs more urgent medical attention, please contact NHS 111, your GP, or in an emergency 999. 

  1. Statement for parents regarding predicted grades

As we updated on Friday, the government has confirmed that the exams in the summer are cancelled (See press release here:

We are now awaiting further guidance from the exam boards on the process that they would like schools to follow in order to assure that the system is as robust as possible.  As soon as we have this we will update more.  

What we do know

  1. The government has indicated that students should receive their grades by the end of July.  These will be based on teacher assessments throughout the year, mock grades and classwork.  They will not be based on UCAS predictions. They will be calibrated centrally and there will be the same distribution of grades as in any normal year - sadly it won’t be A*s or Grade 9s all round.
  2. There will be a chance to appeal grades, if you believe that the processes have not been followed correctly.
  3. If students do not feel that their  teacher-given grades reflect their ability, they will have the chance to sit the exams in the early autumn

What does this mean for students?

  1. It is ESSENTIAL that students complete their courses and attend ‘virtual school’ as long as they are well.  It may be that they need to sit an exam in the autumn which will examine the whole course
  2. Please don’t contact teachers regarding predicted grades, they will not be entering into conversations about this
  3. Please support your child to continue to work on coursework, this could prove to be very important!

We will update on processes as soon as we know more.  Please check back on this page for all of our most up to date information

20th March 2020 COVID-19 Headteachers update 5.00pm



We said farewell to our Y10, Y11, Y12 and Y13 students at 12.30pm today. The afternoon has been used by staff to post further work on Show my Homework for Years 7, 8 & 9 and Google Classroom for Years 10, 11, 12 and 13. Please see the letters issued earlier this week about how you can best support your child with remote learning.

The school will be open on Monday 23rd March 2020 onwards with our ‘Study Hub’ in operation for students identified as vulnerable and those children of ‘Key Workers’. Places at this provision are limited and the school must have been informed of your child attending in advance.  Please see the criteria issued earlier today.

Moving ahead, we begin operation as a ‘virtual school’ for all students with effect from Monday 23rd March 2020. We have attempted to put in place as many strategies to support your child as possible but inevitably there will be teething problems. Please follow the guidelines issued and contact the school as soon as possible should issues arise.

With regard to the assessment and grading of A Level and GCSEs, the Government made the following announcement this afternoon: When we have further details they will be posted on this page.

These are unprecedented times and I would like to put on record my thanks to all members of the Lampton School community for their support, resilience, hard work, generosity of spirit and kindness over this last week. Though we will not be together physically over the coming weeks, and possibly, months we are still all part of Lampton School and staff will be contacting you regularly to check-in on your child’s welfare and progress. If you have any safeguarding concerns please email

Myself and the staff wish you and your families well and hope that you stay healthy. We look forward to the day when we are all back together in school. The main way of contacting the school in this closure period is via or via your child’s Head of Year – emails are in the relevant letters.

With my best wishes at this challenging time and my hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy.

Stephen Davis


20th March Update COVID-19 from the Headteacher 7.30am

20th March 2020: COVID-19 UPDATE FROM THE HEADTEACHER 7.30am

Following on from the government's guidance on keeping the school open only for the most vulnerable students, and the students of key workers, we are making sure there will be limited provision available to students by invitation only - our 'Study Hub'.

The first principle we are observing is that self-isolation and social distancing is the most effective way of stopping the virus. It follows then that parents should only send their child to school if there is no safe alternative. Provision in school is the last resort. 

With this in mind, if you are a key worker and need to send your child in to our 'Study Hub' next week, then please email with Key Worker as the subject line. The 'Study Hub' will run from 10am-3pm in our library, and students will be supported to complete their work set on Show My Homework and Google Classroom. We will request some verification of key worker status, such as ID card, payslip etc. Please ensure that your occupation is listed below on the key worker list. Please email by 2pm today in order for us to plan our provision.

Health and social care

This includes but is not limited to doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers, care workers, and other frontline health and social care staff including volunteers; the support and specialist staff required to maintain the UK’s health and social care sector; those working as part of the health and social care supply chain, including producers and distributers of medicines and medical and personal protective equipment.

Education and childcare

This includes nursery and teaching staff, social workers and those specialist education professionals who must remain active during the COVID-19 response to deliver this approach.

Key public services

This includes those essential to the running of the justice system, religious staff, charities and workers delivering key frontline services, those responsible for the management of the deceased, and journalists and broadcasters who are providing public service broadcasting.

Local and national government

This only includes those administrative occupations essential to the effective delivery of the COVID-19 response or delivering essential public services such as the payment of benefits, including in government agencies and arms length bodies.

Food and other necessary goods

This includes those involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery as well as those essential to the provision of other key goods (for example hygienic and veterinary medicines).

Public safety and national security

This includes police and support staff, Ministry of Defence civilians, contractor and armed forces personnel (those critical to the delivery of key defence and national security outputs and essential to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic), fire and rescue service employees (including support staff), National Crime Agency staff, those maintaining border security, prison and probation staff and other national security roles, including those overseas.


This includes those who will keep the air, water, road and rail passenger and freight transport modes operating during the COVID-19 response, including those working on transport systems through which supply chains pass.

Utilities, communication and financial services

This includes staff needed for essential financial services provision (including but not limited to workers in banks, building societies and financial market infrastructure), the oil, gas, electricity and water sectors (including sewerage), information technology and data infrastructure sector and primary industry supplies to continue during the COVID-19 response, as well as key staff working in the civil nuclear, chemicals, telecommunications (including but not limited to network operations, field engineering, call centre staff, IT and data infrastructure, 999 and 111 critical services), postal services and delivery, payments providers and waste disposal sectors.

If workers think they fall within the critical categories above they should confirm with their employer that, based on their business continuity arrangements, their specific role is necessary for the continuation of this essential public service.

19th March 2020 COVID-19 Update

19th March 2020: COVID-19 UPDATE FROM THE HEADTEACHER 12.30pm

Dear Parents Carers 

Please follow the link below to the latest update from the Headteacher 

We have an update for pupils in Key Stage 3 - Years 7,8 & 9

We also have an up date for pupils in Key Stage 4 & 5 - Years 10,11,12 &13

18th March 2020 COVID-19 Update 17.45

18th March 2020: COVID-19 UPDATE FROM THE HEADTEACHER: updated 17.45hrs


Thank you to parents/carers for your support during these unprecedented times.

Lampton School will remain open tomorrow – Thursday 19th March 2020 - for students in Y10, Y11, Y12 & Y13. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 should continue to access work via Show my Homework.

  • In line with Government guidance, following the statement from the Secretary of State today, the school will close on Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice.
  • To allow staff to fully prepare for working remotely and setting the required amount of work for students to work remotely school will close for students at 12.30pm on Friday 20th March. Students in Y10, Y11, Y12 & Y13 will be required to attend as normal on Friday morning – if there is a change to this arrangement parents/carers will be informed.
  • If you are a key worker, as defined by the Government, please inform the school of this via the email address and put ‘Key worker’ in the subject line.
  • The school will be undertaking a risk assessment of each student who is defined as ‘vulnerable’ by the Government and will contact families on a case-by-case basis before we close on Friday 20th March 2020.
  • With regard to public examinations, Year 11 and Year 13 students will continue to be assessed on their knowledge and skills in lessons over the next two days. The school will update you further once we have received further information from Ofqual. Our priority is to ensure that we can provide the most accurate and up to date predicted grade to examination boards and support our students in their future aspirations.

Stephen Davis

17th March 2020 COVID-19 Update

17th March 2020: Part closure of Lampton School from Wednesday 18th March 2020


I am writing to inform you that as a result of staff absence due to self-isolation, in-line with Government guidelines, with respect to the Coronavius, the school will be closed for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 from tomorrow onwards until further notice. School will remain open for students in Y10, Y11 and Y13 until otherwise notified.

Staff will be posting work on Show my Homework in order for the work programme to be maintained and I ask that families support their children with this. Further details of remote working arrangements will be posted via the school website this week.

Please keep in touch with the school via the school website and the dedicated Coronavirus page found on the main menu and you can contact the school using the email address.

In these unprecedented times, thank you for your support of the school. Please check the website and Twitter feed daily for updates and the school will send communication directly by email and text message. Please ensure we have the most up-to-date contact details for you.

If there are any changes to these please inform us via the enquiries email address.

Stephen Davis


Letter to Prents 17th March 2020

Letter sent to all parents on 17th March 2020:

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Amidst the fast changing national situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we are keen to keep parents up to date on our response to events. Our priorities are to keep students and the wider school community safe, to provide continuity of education for all our students and to do what we can to help the national situation through adhering to advice from Public Health England and the Department for Education.

We will be sending daily updates on the situation, that follow on from the guidance issued by the Department for Education (DfE). Please see below for the daily guidance.

Guidance from the Department for Education (16/03/2020):

What you need to know:

·      staff, young people and children should stay at home if they are unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature to avoid spreading infection to others. Otherwise they should attend education or work as normal

·       if staff, young people or children become unwell on site with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature they should be sent home

·         clean and disinfect regularly touched objects and surfaces more often than usual using your standard cleaning products

·         supervise young children to ensure they wash their hands for 20 seconds more often than usual with soap and water or hand sanitiser and catch coughs and sneezes in tissues

The updated guidance can be found here:


Current advice remains in place: no education or children’s social care setting should close in response to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case unless advised to do so by Public Health England.

The Chief Medical Officer has advised that the impact of closing schools on both children’s education and on the workforce would be substantial, but the benefit to public health may not be. Decisions on future advice to education or children’s social care settings will be taken based on the latest and best scientific evidence, which at this stage suggests children are a lower risk group.


Reporting illness and self-isolation

We are anticipating a much higher level of student absence due to the epidemic. If your child needs to self-isolate, either because they are showing symptoms or someone else in the household is, please report to the school via the usual channels – text, email or phone.


Continuity of education

Due to the new government guidance on self-isolation we are currently experiencing a very high level of teacher absence. Our staff are going above and beyond to ensure that learning is not disrupted through covering colleagues’ classes. However, if we get to the point where it is no longer possible to cover classes then to ensure the safety of students we may need to adopt a phased closure, where only students in Y11, 12 and 13 come into school for lessons. Our focus here will be on preparing students for forthcoming examinations, as we know that many students are parents are anxious about disruption.

If it becomes necessary to close the school either in phases or a complete shutdown, then we will maintain continuity of education for students through using online learning platforms.

Years 7-9: teachers will continue to set work to be completed at home for students via Show My Homework.

Years 10-13: teachers will set work to be completed at home for students via Google Classroom. Google classroom has the additional benefit of interactive features, and so there will be an expectation that all students

In both cases, we very much encourage parents to support your child in maintaining their education through engaging with the set work, and checking that it is completing.

We will write to all parents and carers daily to update you on the guidance from the DfE and what we are doing in response.


Yours sincerely

S Davis


24th February COVID-19 Update

Public Health England advises that the risk to individuals remains low however we have already taken some control measures in school since Monday 24/2/20 to help increase the general levels of personal hygiene for pupils.

We have placed extra anti bacterial foam dispensers  around the school in areas such as the dining hall and student services. We have placed guidance posters from Public Health England around the school for pupils and staff to follow.

We would ask that you help support this advice by providing pupils with a packet of tissues and a bottle of hand sanitiser to use in school. 

Please see the advice below that has been issued by the Department for Education.


We are continuing to keep you updated on the government’s response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Public Health England advises that the risk to individuals in the UK remains low.

Advice for those who have travelled recently

Yesterday, the Chief Medical Advisor for England, Chris Whitty updated advice for travellers returning to the UK from specific areas affected by COVID-19, which you can find at:

Please share this guidance with your staff and cascade as appropriate.

If you have returned from the following specific areas since 19th February, you

should call NHS 111 and stay indoors and avoid contact with other people even if you do not have symptoms:

  • Iran
  • Specific lockdown areas in Northern Italy (see link to maps below)
  • Special care zones in South Korea (see link to maps below)
  • Hubei province (returned in the past 14 days – see link to maps below)

If you have returned from the following areas since 19 February and develop symptoms, however mild, you should stay indoors at home and avoid contact with other people immediately and call NHS 111:

  • Northern Italy (defined by a line above, and not including, Pisa, Florence and Rimini – see link to maps below)
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Myanmar

If you have a cough, or fever or shortness of breath and have visited any of the following areas in the last 14 days, stay indoors and call NHS 111 informing them of your recent travel:

  • China, apart from Hubei province (see link to maps below)
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Republic of Korea, apart from special care zones (see link to maps below)
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Macau

Maps showing affected regions of China, Republic of Korea and Italy

Advice for those who have travelled recently in a group, such as a school trip

There is no need to manage returning groups any differently. Pupils, students and staff returning from trips to the countries specified above should follow the same

There is no need to manage returning groups any differently. Pupils, students and staff returning from trips to the countries specified above should follow the same


Where to find the latest information

Public Health England blog:

Guidance for educational settings


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