Willkommen! Students of German at Lampton will gain confidence in speaking and writing spontaneous German, and in understanding German that they read and hear. We focus on establishing sound grammar so that students are ready to embrace GCSE German and perhaps even a career in Science, Engineering or Business with German.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Introducing oneself

Describing family members and pets

Talking about free-time activities

Describing and expressing opinions about school life

Describing towns and talking about holiday plans

Talking about German culture and analysing a film


Describing a holiday

Talking about media and films

Talking about food and staying healthy

Talking about house rules and daily routine

Talking about going on a date

Narrating the storyline of a German film using past, present and future tense.


Talking about role models and experiences

Describing music, bands and festivals

Talking about ambitions and jobs

Talking about childhood activities

Discussing age limits and how to make a difference

Discussing relationships, marriage and friendship


Discussing free-time activities.

Discussing where you live, and your dream home.

Discussing school routines, pros and cons of uniform and school rules.

Discussing university and career choices, and jobs

Talking about volunteering, part-time jobs and helping at home.

Talking about holidays and travel.


Talking about holidays and travel in the past tense

Talking about technology

Discussing food and drink; Discussing lifestyle preferences and problems such as smoking, drinking, stress.

Describing environmental issues and ways to protect it and discussing global issues: poverty, homelessnes.

Talking about festivals and celebrations: Christmas, Easter, Karneval in Germany.

Exams – Revision of all topics


Discussing changes in family structures.


Study of the film ongoing through Y12

Discussing the digital world: the internet, social media and the digitalisation of society.

Discussing youth culture: fashion, music and TV.

Discussing festivals and traditions in German-speaking countries.

Discussing art and architecture across the years.

Discussing Berlin’s culture: history, music, theatre, museums and diversity.


Discussing migration in German-speaking countries.


Study of the novel and Independent Research Project ongoing through Y13.

Discussing integration in German-speaking countries.

Discussing racism in German-speaking countries.

Discussing Germany & the EU.

Discussing the role of politics and young people.

Discussing German Reunification and its consequences

GCSE exam board & specification: AQA                 

Textbook: free access to Kerboodle German 9-1 online.

A level exam board & specification: AQA               

Textbooks: free access to Kerboodle online for topics.

Literature: Der Besuch der alten Dame by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

Film: Goodbye, Lenin! 

Recommended study guides: Modern Languages Study Guides: Goodbye, Lenin! by Geoff Bramall and Modern Languages Study Guides: Der Besuch der alten Dame by Paul Elliott

How to help your child:
1.  Take interest in any news stories about Germanic culture, or opportunities to visit Germany / Austria /Switzerland

2. Give your child regular, mini vocabulary quizzes on the topic they are learning: it’s important to learn as many words as possible

3. Ensure your child regularly logs into Quizlet for vocabulary and Kerboodle (KS4 only)

For further information, contact: Veronika Edwards  

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