Autumn 1

Autumn  2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Ukulele – Chords

Using your voice and ukuleles

Note values and rhythm

Keyboard skills 1 - Sea shanties and treble clef notation

Intro to bandlab and songwriting

African Drumming

World Music


Ukuleles – fingerpicking/melody

Rock Music

Keyboard skills 2 - Chords

Guitar – Blues


Keyboard skills 3 - Theme and Variation


Keyboard skills 4 - Programme Music



Musical theatre - Hamilton

Band project


Film music


Song writing

Recap of musical elements and group performance 

In all units at KS3 students will learn how to reflect on their own work and that of others and suggest improvements. Listening skills are developed in all lessons and also completed as part of homework tasks.


Intro to AOS 1: Forms and devices and AOS 4: Popular music

Intro to AOS 2: Music for ensemble and AOS 3: Film music

Instrument study Preparation

 Setworks for AOS 1 and AOS 4

Free composition


Revisit AOS 1 and 4

Revisit AOS 2 and 3

Composition and performance

Revision for exam



KS4 exam boards & specification: Eduqas GCSE music

How to help your child:
1. Students of all key stages should listen to a range of music styles and genres.

2. Sign up to instrumental lessons which are provided by Hounslow music Service. These are subsidised by the school and offer students an excellent opportunity to improve their instrumental skills.

3. Encourage students to sign up to the range of extra-curricular activities within the music department.

For further information, contact: Mrs Charlotte Mercuri, Subject Leader of Music

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