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Introduction to Economics

Supply and Demand

Macro-economic objectives


Skills – Analysing data



Circular Flow AD/ AS analysis




Skills – Writing analytical chains



Economic Growth





Skills – Evaluation and essay writing


Government intervention in markets

Macro-Economic policy conflicts and resolution


Skills – Improving application skills

Revision &






Skills – Exam technique

Financial Markets and the Role of Central Banks

Introduction to Theory of the Firm



Theory of the Firm - Types of firms/market structures

Globalisation and Trade




Skills – Analysing Complex Data


Competitive and imperfect markets

Trading Blocs, Balance of Payments and Exchange rates



Skills – Developing extended writing skills & PPE preparation

Industrial policy & Labour markets


Distribution of wealth and income & Development Economics


Skills – Developing Essay skills

Government Economic Policy in a global context


Synoptic Economic Work



Skills – Synoptic Writing


Revision and EXAMS







Skills – Exam technique



A level exam board & specification: Edexcel Economics A (2015)

Textbook(s):  Y12 - Smith, Peter (2015) Economics A Book 1, 1st edn., London: Hodder

Y13 Smith, Peter (2015) Economics A Book 2, 1st edn., London: Hodder

Additional Reading (Available in the School Library) Anderton, Alain (2015) Edexcel AS/A Level Economics, 6th edn., London: Pearson

How to help your child

1. Encourage them to take an active interest in the news; regularly reading and analysing stories about the UK Economy will help them to develop their academic literacy and contextual understanding

2. Encourage them to be organised from the start – this means having well organised folders and work.

3. Remember – for every one hour of study in class, students should be undertaking at least one hour of study at home – this could be preparing for lessons using google classroom, reading and making notes or revising past content.

For further information, contact:

Mr B Bux –


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