School Council


We want the School Council to be inclusive for all students and a platform for positive communication and change within the school community and are excited about the contribution it will make to the whole school this year.

Lampton’s School Council is split into two distinct sections. The Whole School Council consists of one elected member of each tutor group and meets half termly. Chaired by the newly elected Chair and Vice Chair of the School Council- Suriya Ahmed and Mara Budau- they discuss what has been happening in our school and local community and give members of Senior Leadership the opportunity to obtain feedback on a variety of topics. Tutor representatives will then share what happened in this meeting to their tutor groups. If anyone wants the school council to discuss something in particular- their representative can complete a form on the specialised Google Classroom Page.

The other aspect of our School Council is the Committees. We have three distinct committees at Lampton which meet during registration in Week B and consist of volunteers from all Year groups. These committees are led by the members of the Sixth Form & are listed below


1. Learning Behaviours:

Lead Teacher: Mr Gayle

Chair and Vice Chair: Akbari Mohuiddin 12A & Adna Mohammed 12E

Aim: To provide feedback to leadership and staff on all matters relating to teaching and learning at Lampton

2. The Campaigns Committee

Lead Teacher: Ms Gartska

Chair and Vice Chair: Aysha Tahir and Salam Ehsan

Aim: To work on fundraising for charities and raise awareness about current issues in our community and world

3.The School and Local Environment committee

Lead Teacher (Mr Jolly) Chair and Vice Chair

Chair and Vice Chair: Avleen Garcha and Meghana Gorti

Aim: To improve our carbon footprint on a school and local level

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