Reviewing the evidence for teacher awarded grades


In line with the Ofqual guidance, we are sharing with you details of the pieces of work that teachers will base their judgements on before they submit your teacher awarded grades to the exam board.

The purpose of this is to allow you to raise any genuine and valid concerns you may have about teachers using this evidence to determine your teacher awarded grades.


Examples of reasons of why the evidence may not be used in this circumstance include:

  • temporary or long-term illness or accident/injury;
  • bereavement;
  • domestic crisis;
  • serious disturbance during an examination, particularly where recorded material is being used;
  • participation in sporting events, training camps or other events at an international level at the time of the assessment, e.g. representing their country at an international level in chess or football; failure by the centre to implement previously approved access arrangements for that specific examination series;
  • Access arrangements not being provided.

Examples of reasons which would not justify why evidence should not be used in this circumstance include:

  • minor disturbance in the examination room caused by another candidate, such as momentary bad behaviour or a mobile phone ringing;
  • the consequences of taking alcohol or recreational drugs;
  • the consequences of disobeying the centre’s internal regulations;
  • the failure of the centre to prepare candidates properly for the examination for whatever reason;
  • quality of teaching, staff shortages, building work or lack of facilities;
  • misreading the instructions of the question paper and answering the wrong questions;
  • submitting no coursework or non-examination assessment at all;

Please review the evidence that teachers will base their judgements on and consider if there is any reason why this evidence should not be used in your circumstance.

You should notify the school of any requests for evidence not to be used to determine your teacher awarded grades. You should consult your year group page for the deadline for making a request. No requests will be accepted after this date. Students should access the form to make this request via Y11 or Y13 year group page on google classroom. Please include any supporting evidence in the submission.

A panel of staff appointed by the Headteacher will then assess any requests for evidence not to be used. The panel will assess the information provided in the submission, and take into consideration any supporting evidence that may be provided as part of the submission. The decision of the panel will be final. If it is determined that a student experienced adverse circumstances at the time of the assessment; an alternative piece of work completed by the student where he/she was unaffected by adverse circumstances will be selected. The student will be informed of this. If it is not possible to use an alternative piece of work, then the teacher may base their holistic judgement on the available evidence.

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