COVID-19 Information for university and college admissions teams

In line with government guidance, Lampton School closed to all but children of key workers and vulnerable students on March 20th 2020.  There were no students in the current Y13 cohort that met the criteria to continue to attend school.

Overall, students were not present in school for 15 weeks of planned teaching time.  Alternative provision was put in place via remote learning, using google classroom and live google meet lessons.  Lampton Staff worked hard to maintain a rich learning experience, but online learning cannot replace the experience of the classroom where skills can be rigorously developed and misconceptions addressed and so we are working hard on the recovery curriculum throughout this Autumn term.

Generally, take up of the online provision was very good, as google classroom is an established way of working within the Sixth Form.  However, technology was a major barrier for many of our students, who did not have access to laptops or had to share across several family members.  We were able to provide a very limited number of laptops to some students, but often students reported that they were completing assignments on their phones or were unable to fully access our provision.

From June 15th until July 17th the majority of Y12 students were offered two face to face sessions with each of their subject teachers –this was hugely constrained by government guidance to only have 25% of students in school per day.   Attendance was strong, but with a number of multi-generational households with family members who were in the high risk categories, some students were advised to continue to learn from home.

Our normal UCAS launch and initial support days have all been undertaken virtually, but we are now able to support students in the normal way.

Students at Lampton would normally have undertaken AS exams in May/June 2020, but we took the decision to undertake internal assessments at the end of September instead; these internal assessments have been used to support the UCAS predicted grades.

We have had a small number of COVID cases in Y13, each involving between 60-20 students isolating. In December 2020, due to a rise in cases in Y13 around a third of the year group had to isolate, and a 'firebreak' was implemented for 4 days, which meant the entire year group had to isolate.

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