SLE (Specialist Leaders of Education)

As a Teaching School, Lampton has been charged with the accreditation and deployment of SLEs.

In the first round of accreditation, Lampton was allocated 10 places. We identified the following priorities:

  • Raising achievement
  • Closing the Gap
  • CPD
  • School to school support at primary level

We have appointed 9 SLEs with areas of expertise in Leadership and Management, Pupil Achievement, Quality of Teaching and Behaviour and Safety. In the next round of applications we are likely to focus on the same priorities but to add SLEs capable of developing new routes into teaching. We are very keen to appoint SLEs able to support primary schools in core areas of teaching and learning.

To find out more about our SLEs, please click on their names, below:

Audrey Douglas
Dave Bartram
Elga Stuck
Emma Cronshaw
Esther Arnott
Gary Munro
Johnnie Pavey
Joy Morgan
Karen Chamberlain

As a member of Challenge Partnership, we have identified CPSLs (Challenge Partnership Specialist Leaders) whose expertise may not be in our initial priority areas but who meet, in our views, the SLE standards. These details will be posted on our CP section of the website.

We have existing expertise in school to school support work in the following areas:

  • English and Media to A’level
  • History to A’level
  • Inclusion: SEN, Speech and Language support, Behaviour Support, Inclusion audits
  • Mathematics
  • Data analysis
  • RS to A’level
  • MFL to A’level

All of our staff who work in this area have been trained to work as coaches. Their outreach work has been evaluated by the London Leadership Strategy for its impact on partner schools.

As a Teaching School, Lampton will be able to accredit SLEs form other schools and to assist with their training.

The school is working with Challenge Partnershp and the National college to develop this programme of accredited SLEs.

Please contact Stefani Shedden for more information