Outstanding Teacher Programme

The OTP provides teachers rated as ‘good’ with a set of skills and strategies that enable them to become consistently and sustainably outstanding.

It is open to teachers with the potential and drive to deliver consistently outstanding lessons.

Programme Structure
The OTP is a nine-day programme which runs over 9 weeks. It is delivered through face-to-face taught sessions, classroom observations within the host school and in-school practice sessions at the participant’s school. Topics include:

  • classroom pedagogy
  • teaching and learning methodology
  • coaching and mentoring
  • in-school practice and

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates must:

  • be ‘Good’ with the potential to achieve ‘Outstanding’.
  • have at least three years’ teaching experience
  • be a highly respected, inspiring professional who demonstrates high order interpersonal skills
  • have a commitment both to continuing their professional development and that of other staff

Programme Commitment
The programme works best if schools are able to send three teachers on the same course, as coaching takes place in triads. However it is still viable if a school cannot release three teachers at the same time, as members of primary triads can come from more than one school.

£615 per participant, plus any supply cover or travel expenses. Members of Challenge Partnership have their own reduced fee structure.

This programme is run termly by Lampton facilitators either at Lampton or a host school.

Please contact Christine Gilbert for details of dates and to book places.