Support Centre

The Support Centre helps a variety of pupils. It removes barriers to learning for individuals and for particular groups. It offers a flexible response to pupils’ individual needs and cares for the whole child. Reasons for referrals might include relationships, bereavement, attainment, attendance, self-esteem and home situation. The Centre offers specialist help.

It is secure, supportive and friendly but challenging. By regular discussion, it gives pupils success in understanding their work and in developing good relationships with fellow pupils and staff. The team works particularly closely with parents and carers. The team consists of a head of centre, learning mentors, an educational psychologist and a MBACP counsellor.

Groupwork takes place weekly, usually for one or two timetabled periods and lasts for six weeks, followed by support in the classroom. A programme of work, that directly addresses the reasons for referral, is undertaken. Following group work pupils may be referred on to a learning mentor or given other provision if necessary.

Individual sessions are held for one period that are rotated around the timetable to have least impact on the curriculum; every six weeks progress is assessed and a decision made for mentoring to end or continue.

Targets are set in collaboration between the Support Centre team and pupils; where appropriate, these are entered onto a report diary for teachers to mark at the end of each lesson. They are assessed, discussed and may be adjusted weekly.